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Merry Meet everyone I hope every is doing well and staying safe out there. So, my question is that I have been wanting to practice some of the spells and make some of the recipe’s oils and such but the only thing that holds me back is that I don’t have all the ingredients and sometimes I have all but one or two. so do I need all the ingredients to accomplish what I am doing. any advice will help thank you all

Blessed me my friends


Hi there Ravenwolf :wolf:

It is perfectly acceptable to substitute ingredients if you need to! In fact, I highly recommend it. In my opinion, being able to substitute ingredients in a spell is a sign of growing intuition and advancing in your practice. I know Thorn Mooney has talked about it in one of her videos but I can’t remember which one.

We have even had a few discussions about substitutions here on the forum that you might find helpful.

There’s also a post dedicated to substitutions on Spells8.

The post even has some printables you can use if you want to help you find substitutions for your spells.

In my own practice, I tend to substitute as needed for different correspondences. For example, if I end up running out of Juniper which I use for purification I will substitute Rosemary which has similar properties.

Is there a specific herb or ingredient you need help substituting?


Merry meet @Ravenwolf,

That’s a great question, and Megan gave a great answer! I agree that it is fine to substitute ingredients and adjust the spellwork to best suit you- especially if you are only missing one or two ingredients :+1:

As a very quick summary of substituting, the goal is to find the purpose of the ingredient as it is being used in the spell (whether it’s for its magickal properties, fragrance, texture, medicinal properties, etc.) and then substitute it with something that corresponds with that same property .

:exclamation: It may seem obvious, but just in case- if you are doing spellwork that you plan to consume (food, drink, etc) or use topically (beauty products, skin creams, etc) it is very important to make sure that the ingredient you are substituting doesn’t just have the same magickal properties as the original, but that it is also safe for its intended use- i.e it’s edible and/or not a skin irritant

The guides Megan shared are great places to learn more about substitutions and get some ideas, and I recommend exploring the many discussions about substitutions in the forum as well!

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles: