Reflections on balance

What a funny kind of day. In the U.S., daylight savings time changes our clocks back an hour. And we have a Blood Moon in Taurus coming up. It is Scorpio season. Perhaps, transformations are in store. The decorations in the stores remind us that Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are fast approaching (and maybe with it, incidents of promise or disappointment, family connections or family drama). As much as I love the holidays, they make me a little tense.

And personally, for me, I have a surgical procedure coming up the day after the Eclipse. I’ve never been put under general anesthesia before so I don’t know quite what to expect.

The unknown. Changes in routine. So many reasons to feel a little off kilter.

So I did an oracle draw and I did a Tarot draw. The oracle draw I got was root chakra and a message to do some yoga.

The 3 card draw (what is the energy of the day, what message do I need to hear and what is coming forward) was 2 of pentacles (balancing demands), devil reversed (maybe overcoming some bad habits) and the King of cups (which I read as don’t be afraid to reach out for support when you need it because it will be there for you).

I was struck by the recurring messages of grounding and balance.

Then I thought about the full moon in Taurus. Isn’t Taurus also about finding balance through grounding energy – comfort foods, home, family, possessions? Hmmm.

Then I thought about today’s lunar energy: Aries. What could the warrior sign possibly teach me about balance and grounding, I wondered?

I thought about it. Then it came to me. The first thing a soldier probably learns is maybe not how to hold a gun, but to make a bed. There are sayings like “an army marches on its stomach,” “keep your powder dry.” You hear about the importance of dry socks. They do drills and more drills. It occurred to me that the biggest part of being a warrior isn’t fighting, it’s preparation and care, making sure basic needs are met so you are ready to face…well the unknown.

So that is my takeaway message for myself today. Keep my life in balance. Make my bed. Eat nutritious meals. Rest. Take a walk. Do some yoga. Practice healthy routines. And change the clocks LOL! Focus on balance and grounding so I am prepared as much as I can be for what comes during the Eclipse and the winter months to come.


Great reflection and great reminders @mary25. Some I am working on myself! I hope your procedure goes well! Sending love and light! Blessed be!


Good luck with your procedure! The time change always messes me up too!


Powerful message during this time of transformation :muscle: :sparkles:

Thank you for sharing this, @mary25- I am wishing you all the best with your upcoming surgical procedure! If it’s any consolation, anesthesia is a godsend. No pain, no stress- you wake up in a cozy bed when the procedure is done. And then sometimes they give you snacks :yum:

Lots of love and keeping you in my thoughts- Blessed be! :heart:


@mary25 the best thing about anesthesia is you don’t remember or feel a thing!! Just remember not to eat after midnight or your tummy turns into a gremlin after surgery!!

I love this post, it’s uplifting, full of positive energy and the message is spot on!! Thank you for posting it and I’ll be sending you a ton off healing energy for your surgery!


You’re absolutely right! A big thing I’m working on in therapy is using coping skills before I actually need them. This way, everything that I’m doing is muscle memory and I won’t have to think too hard about the skill I need to use before I use it. :clap: I love your revelation!


Excellent, thought-provoking post! My dad used to say to me if I screwed up, "you did not use the 7 P’s":

  • Prior
  • Proper
  • Planning
  • Prevents
  • Piss
  • Poor
  • Performance

It sounds like you have the 7 P’s covered. I have to get back to my regular routines and plan ahead. Thank you for the upcoming event reminders.
Blessed Be,


I love Coping Skills! I am the type of person that if one issue/event happens, I have 17 situations that I already thought of and planned for.


I could not agree with you more…Spot on!



Preparation is so important in so many ways. I glad you brought that up. This is something that I need to start doing again. It is one of the keys to SUCCESS in whatever area/arena you are tackling!

Blessed Be,


Well said, Medea- I agree! :raised_hands: :grinning:


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