Releasing The Burdens From Your Life

Release the weight that burdens your soul with this powerful witchcraft chant. Let go of the troubles that bind you and embrace the freedom that comes with releasing your worries.

Repeat these words with intention and belief, feeling the weight lift off your shoulders with each recitation.

"By the power of the moon and stars above,
I release these burdens with peace and love.
I banish all worries that weigh me down,
And reclaim my joy, my smile, my crown.

I let go of doubts & the fears that hold me tight,
I step into the light, shining ever so bright.
In the embrace of the universe, I find my strength,
I release these burdens, no longer at arm’s length.

With each breath I take, I release and let go,
Embracing the freedom that comes with this flow.
I am light as a feather, unburdened and free,
In the arms of the divine, I am meant to be."

Feel the energy shift as you recite these words, releasing the things that no longer serves you. Embrace the lightness that comes with letting go, and step into a new chapter of clarity and peace. Trust in the power of this witchcraft chant to release your burdens and set yourself free.


Thank you :blush: :heartbeat: this is lovely and very helpful!!


Bookmarked to check out later thankyou :rose::rose::rose:


I did this today thnkyou it was helpful