Remembering a loved one 💙

Hi All,

The 16th July 2020 is the 7 year anniversary of my sons passing. :dizzy:

I would appreciate it if some of you could send some positive vibes :two_hearts: and if you have any ideas of how to celebrate his passing or any nice rituals or tributes I would love to hear them! :blue_heart:

Thank you my spells 8 family :heart:


@mrs Abs I am sending you a boatful of positive vibes. :hugs:


@mrs If you have a personal item of his, I would set up an altar to honor him (direct your energy to him) specifically.

Put items on the altar that he would love. Candy, his favorite food/drink, a photograph or jewelry, candles and incense. Maybe write him a letter and meditate. Share a favorite memory of your time with him and place that on the altar.

There are more ideas here: Ancestor Altar and here: Spell for a Loved One who Passed Away. And a prayer here: Prayer for the Departed.

You can light a white pillar candle and let it burn (safely) to remind you of all the light he brought into your life.

If you want, please share his name with us so we can light a candle for him too! :candle:

Sending you huge hugs, you’re not alone! :slightly_smiling_face:


I couldn’t imagine going on after a loss such as a child. My heart goes out to you and yours.

On the eve before the day I had to let my kitty boy go, I gathered some trinkets that reminded me of him. I had a cat toy he loved, some catnip, feathers… I made my own little “Remembrance” ritual.

Wow, it’s actually hard for me to bring up. I haven’t talked about it since I took him in. Whew…

But I meditated on the day I bought him and his brother from the pound and how many good memories can be credited to their little sweet selves. Kronik had been with me through it all, he saw my daughter go from belly to and an 8yo kid. He was there when I lost two family members.
Anyways… sorry. Once I was done, I put all of those things inside a little folded up box, tied an orange ribbon around it, then lit a candle on top and let it be sealed.

I’ve been torn on if I wanted to bury it to keep it close but honestly, I have an altar on my wall dedicated to him and Tigger. Another kitty I shared with someone who I had to put down two weeks earlier :frowning:
I know they are always with me.

I went on a ramble but I just wanted to share with you in hopes it gave some sort of inspiration. <3


Sending you so much love and positive thoughts on this emotional day, @mrs! :heart: A nice tribute could be to go to a place that he enjoyed or that you shared some special memories together at- perhaps a spot around the house, or with some of his favorite things. What was his favorite food? Perhaps you could prepare it today, and then offer it in his memory :two_hearts:

I hope you have a serene and meaningful day to honor this very special person :pray:. Sending you all the positive vibes!!! :blush: :heart:


Thanks all for your kind words :blue_heart:

@Francisco his name was Harry :blush:


sorry to learn about your son

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