Reviving Old Threads

I also have found the posting protocol confusing, even after reading the guidelines. If a thread is from last year do we still post on that one and keep it going?


Greetings, @linda6!

Thank you for reading the guidelines and for reaching out with your question :blush:

Yes- if you find a thread with an interesting subject that is open (i.e there is no lock :lock: symbol) then you are very welcome to continue the conversation!

There is a little message titled “Revive this thread?” that pops up when replying to older threads. This is mostly just to let you know that the thread is older (as sometimes it can be easy to miss the date on the last post).

The forum is loaded with threads about all different topics- it is natural that some get buried and forgoten over time. When looking through older content, it is up to you whether you think there is more to be discussed and the thread is worth reviving or if it is better to leave it be.

Thanks again! If you have any other questions about using the forum, please feel free to reach out :raised_hands:

Blessed be!


Thank you :+1:


You are very welcome, @linda6 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Happy posting!