RIP Kaiya And Frankie 🐾

In remembrance, I bought a couple things for my dogs who passed, Kaiya and Frankie AKA Franklin.

And this ring that’s inscribed on the inside says, Kaiya, I will love you forever.

It’s solar powered.

Geeze, how I miss them!! I have to find a picture of them!

Kaiya is on the left. This is the only picture I have of them! I don’t want anyone to think anything negative of the picture. That’s just how they liked to play. :pleading_face:


I relate to this. It’s been 7 years for me, and I still miss Hudson. I think you honor them nicely.


Thank you!!


I’m assuming you know what the play sounds like too… my 2 idiots make growly noises that would scare anyone but they love to play the same type of way. Give them a rope or a rope with something attached to it (Kong with Peanutbutter) & they will play for hours.

They are beautiful! You will always have them with you! :heart: :paw_prints:


They’re gorgeous. No criticism about play from me, I’ve got a rescue Rottie cross who’s a loon at times!


I’ve had many cats who passed and a few dogs. You always miss them. In the picture they look cute, playing tug of war. You have my condolences.


Your pups look like they were sweeties :dog: :heart: :dog: My pup used to play the same- she always loved a fun tug-of-war with her favorite toys. She passed two years ago and the wound never completely scars over, does it? Once they have a place in our hearts, pets are there to stay.

Sending love and light your way as you remember them @Christina4! :pray::candle:


@IrisW Thank you! Dogs love playtime! Frankie was a bad a$$ and stubborn but Kaiya just needed to run the yard a few times and she was good.

@Amethyst thanks they always played tug of war! Especially when we first met Frankie. He’s younger. She showed him what her belongings were!

@TheTravelWitch you could never forget a true family member! Thank you for your kind words :two_hearts: