Rising Sun Solstice Tarot Spread 🌅

Warm greetings to all!

For those who’d like to use the light of solstice to sign a little light on the road ahead, here is a tarot spread for you!

Rising Sun Solstice Spread :sunrise:


Draw and lay your cards in the rising sun pattern (shown above), beginning on the left and moving in an arch towards the right.

The six cards reveal important insights for the following half-year– until the light of the next solstice shines upon you.

\\ :sun_with_face: //

  1. What things will hold me back?
    The card here represents things you have little to no control over. Being aware of them may help you find ways around them.

  2. What things do I need to focus on putting behind me?
    This card will reveal something you do have control over to some extent- this is something you should actively try to lay to rest and leave in the past.

  3. What will I not achieve in the next sixth months?
    This card reveals a focus or goal that will not be obtained in the coming months. However, it may still be accomplished in the future- you just need more time.

  4. What will I achieve in the next sixth months?
    This card symbolizes a goal or desire you have been or will be working towards- congrats! This will be achieved by the time the next solstice arrives.

  5. What can I look forward to in the near future?
    The card in this position shows a major (and positive!) upcoming theme in your life- observe the symbols here to determine if it is love, finances, career, family, or something else that will shine over the coming months.

  6. What/who is my greatest asset during this time?
    This card points to a person or thing that will be extremely valuable to you in the months ahead. When in doubt, use this tool or seek out this person for help.

(Rising Sun Solstice Spread by Bryanna)

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Also, for anyone who hasn’t already seen it- @Christina4 shared an amazing Winter Solstice Tarot Spread, so please check that one out too if you are considering some solstice tarot work! :blush:

Wishing solstice blessings to all! :sun_with_face: :sparkles:


Whoot! Now I have two tarot spreads to choose from for tonight! Thank you, my dear!


You’re very welcome, @Amethyst- good luck with your solstice readings! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :flower_playing_cards:


Oh, I love this! Thank you @TheTravelWitch I appreciate spreads! I always have them everywhere. I need to make a journal just for the spreads themselves but I add in my thoughts in my tarot journal.


Thank you! @TheTravelWitch Do we have to shuffle the cards for each question such as shuffling with the first question and pull a card and then we shuffle again. And again and again until we have the full display. Happy Solstice!


@Christina4 You’re very welcome, Christina! :blush: And haha I know the feeling- lots of people talk about collecting tarot decks, but there’s certainly a following for collecting tarot spreads too! :grin: They’re lots of fun!

@SingingWitch You’re very welcome, and that’s a great question! I usually shuffle once, fan out the cards, and then choose the cards that call to me one after the other. However, I don’t think there’s any wrong way to shuffle and deal cards, so please feel free to draw them in whatever way you choose :blush: Same to you- hope you had/are having a very blessed solstice! :sparkles:


:bulb::bulb::bulb:Thank you! Have a fun solstice too… @TheTravelWitch


Thank you very much, @SingingWitch- many blessings to you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: