Ritual question

I’m Saige, just signed up, nice to meet you all!
I have a question regarding discarding my ritual ingredients when it is finished, during quarantine.
I live in New York City, rather then throwing ritual ingredients in rivers or burying in a park etc for environmental reasons, I usually just walk a few blocks away from my apartment building and put the items in a street trash. Living in manhattan I do not have a backyard to bury anything.
I always do my rituals at night as I work with the moon phases. With quarantine nyc has been a little dangerous and the crime rate pretty high, effecting my ability to safely walk at night to a trash away from building as I usually do. I was taught that it is important to discard ritual ingredients away from your home directly after for it to be effective.
Does anyone have a recommendation on a safe way to discard my ingredients without it effecting my spell? I was planning on doing the uncrossing spell from here so I figured it was important to not use my apartment trash can since I’m assuming I should be getting the negative energies away directly after ritual, for it to be effective. Does anyone think for the time being, if I took the ingredients to another floor inside my apartment building and used the hallway trash, that is ok, since it is somewhat away from my apartment, for time being until things go back to normal and I can walk outside at night safely.
Thanks !


Hi @saige! Welcome to the Forum! :tada:

Yes, I used to do exactly this. I lived in an apartment most of my life and in a big city (Buenos Aires). After a ritual, if it was late at night, I would go out to the hallway and use the trash there.

If you can go up or down a couple floors that is good also. If the trash gets picked up everyday then there’s no problem whatsoever.

If you’re disposing of ashes or small pieces of food for example, then you could also flush them down the toilet. Just be careful not to throw anything that will cause problems later.

Good luck and blessings! :pray:


Ok, perfect. thank you!!


Merry Meet!! @saige Welcome to Spells8!

Crush and flush, that will get it away from you faster than anything, and there is usually nothing toxic in our ritual items…

Blessed Be!