Rock Identifier Assistance

@BryWisteria I will!:blush::microphone::microphone::microphone:

Finding a local shop for crystals can be more difficult but I ll try…:kissing_heart::bulb: Thank you!


You’re very welcome, @SingingWitch- good luck and blessed be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


From the photos I honestly cannot tell what beads are. Can you take some photos of them outside sometime when the sun is out? Some of the black beads look like they have a matte finish so it’s hard to tell what it could be. This is definitely a tricky one to try identifying online. I suggest going to a metaphysical shop or crystal shop where you live and have someone identify it in person. :thinking:


@Missa Hi , How are you? We don’t have Crystals shopin my area. It’s rare and maybe restricted to a close circle. Let me show you new pictures. Hoping these ones are ok.

Thank you!


Hi @SingingWitch,

Your photos are great but black stones are soooooo difficult to id. because of the subtle differences in texture, weight, sheen. I’ve added a link to a blog and video called, "How to how to tell the difference between black stones." from one of my teachers, Ashley Leavy.

I’ve really found it useful in id’ing a number of my own unknown black crystals. Let us know what you come up with. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Janis :triskele:


Good morning @janis Thank you!

The little black beads are very shiny and tend to appear as green. So I trust Ashley and tell it’s a Jet stone (Healing stone)

The big one with matte texture is an onyx. And the bracelet with the Mother Goddess sigil is also made of onyx and jet.

Not sure yet of the transparent ones. But the little singleton cracked stones is a quartz tourmaline. I found the exact picture on a portfolio scrolling down pinterest.

The link provided was 98% accurate and useful. I am just hesitating to know if the transparent are moon stones, clear quartz or just Pearls.