Rose Oil Magickal Activation 🌹

Alas, my long-awaited Rose Oil Activation.

Before I continue, I should state that living in western WA State does not allow for many sunny days. That’s why I am excited for this day.

Today is Moonday (Monday) which is also a sunny day. Additionally, it’s the first Moonday nearest to the new moon with the sun shining where I am at.

This rose oil pictured below was created by me during a full moon ritual one year ago.

My intentions when making it were for self-love, consecration, and protection.

When I made it with this oil, I also had intentions to let it sit for several weeks, shaking it once a day while reciting an incantation and then activating by boiling the jar (fire & water) to activate its magick on a moon day (feminine) near or on a new moon(new beginnings). Then I would take it out of the boiling water and place it on my outdoor altar (earth & air)

Why did it take a year??!!! Because I live in a state that is cloudy 80% of the year :rofl:.
And I wanted it to be made exactly how I wanted it to be made. With that being said… I rested patiently. waiting for the perfect time to activate this powerful oil.

So today is the day.

Today is a Moonday (Monday) nearest to the new moon, with the sunshine beaming beauifully.

I boiled it… (if I had an open fire and a cauldron, I would have used that​:rofl::rofl:)

Now it rests on my altar, charging in the sun.

Why am I this specific?

I wanted an equal balance of masculine and feminine. Sun and Moon. It was important to me to create an oil that would not only be used for self-love (feminine) but for protection and consecration as well (masculine)

I will post more updates on my IG…


That’s going to pack some power there @Ember_Lee! That’s going to be great oil. You go!


Living in the Pacific Northwest, I can identify with this topic! Also your IG looks super fun! Thanks for sharing!!


@Amethyst Hex Yea!!! Lol


@Francisco Oooh!!! Where do you live?!!! :scream::scream::scream:


Oh i see! Oregon! That’s awesome! I love meeting other PNW witches!!


Eugene, Oregon! I have met a handful of witches here. Summer is the best time of the year by far!


Awesome! I got several family members in NW oregon. Portland/Vancouver area


Beautiful rose oil with some powerful intentions, @Ember_Lee! It sounds like your patience paid off- may your lovely oil help to bring out self-love, protection, and balanced energies! :pray: Thanks so much for sharing :heart:


I think it’s great that you waited almost a year to get the oil right to your intentions!! That’s beautiful!!


A sweet synchronicity, I’m also making a rose oil right now out of freely fallen rose petals from my yard! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rose: It’s going to be my first oil, and full of feminine energy, for a gift to a special sweetheart who I can say the same of! :blush: :two_hearts: The oil itself I had charged in March with the light of the Worm Moon, also known as the Sugar Moon. I keep it on my nightstand shielded from the sun, in the middle of a little crystal grid made with rose quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst and selenite, also shaking it every day.

A year is a looong time to wait, I admire your patience and determination! :grin: But if your intention was to go for a balance of masculine and feminine, I couldn’t think of more perfect way to represent it than a full circle of the Sun and 13 full circles of the Moon! :dizzy:

I was going to take just two weeks, from full to new moon, but then I thought… do I want our love to wane? Definitely not, without a chance to be reborn even stronger :heartpulse: So full moon to full moon it is! :smile_cat: :full_moon:


That sounds like a great plan- sending good energy as you charge your rose oil, Celestia! :rose: :full_moon: :blush: