Rough Day Today

Today we decided to go on a short trip to check out a metaphysical shop a few hours away.

I called ahead to make sure they were open and to ask questions. This wasn’t a trip to buy anything just a trip to enjoy the beautiful day and ride.

Along the way someone threw something at the car. We were traveling 70mph on the interstate. I heard a loud bang and my wife screamed then started telling at our girlfriend to see if she was ok.

Our girlfriend was terrified and in shock. I pulled over and there was a small hole thru the window.

The only thing that kept her from getting hurt was the window tint and our car has these automatic window shades for the back windows and rear glass.

If it wasn’t for that I’m not sure what could have happened.

Everyone is ok, we are back home, and insurance is in the way to replace the glass.

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That was close!! Good thing the window was up!! :anguished:

It reminds me of traveling by train in Argentina. They have special metal windows that you’re advised to keep shut otherwise you get rocks thrown at you.

I’m glad everyone is okay!! :pray:

Did you guys ever make it to the shop or went back home after this?

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We were 5 miles away so went ahead and visited the shop. The lady gave the girls some crystals for a safe journey back.

Pretty neat shop though. Didn’t have much we don’t already have but it was nice to see a new shop open up and thrive.

When I get extra money they do have alot of herbal tea I want to try.


That is shocking! I’m happy to know you are ALL okay.

Blockquote Along the way someone threw something at the car.

If this is someone throwing something at a passing vehicle, as you say, that’s horrific. Isn’t that “criminal”? Anyways, so sorry to hear that you had a rough day today. Thank goodness that you’re having the window replaced ASAP. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you and for your wife :slight_smile:

Oh goodness, @daniel4- I’m so sorry to hear this! I’m very glad everyone is okay :pray:. It’s great that insurance will help fix the window, and also that you were still able to have a nice time at the shop! The shop lady sounds very nice to give you all protection crystals :gem::two_hearts:

Wow, that’s just sad. I’m sorry to hear this! Reminds me when I was walking home one day from work. Had to work to feed my baby and pay for the tiny apartment I had. Anyway, this car came zooming by and threw a beer bottle at my leg. A glass bottle. Forget stitches. I needed 4 staples! I was already going through a bad depression!

I would have screamed like a little girl!
Sometimes a rock flying off a car, plus the temp difference between outside and inside your car can cause such a reaction. I worked in insurance many moons ago, and had the privilege of taking a windshield class, which included learning how to smash windows too!
The blessing, is that no one was hurt. I am glad you guys are all okay. :slight_smile:

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Ohhh that’s awful- I’m so sorry to hear it, @christina4! People can be so thoughtless and awful sometimes. I hope your leg has had a full recovery! :pray::two_hearts:

Wow, this actually sounds pretty interesting! :astonished: My parents insisted that my old car have one of those ‘emergency window breaking’ tools in it, just in case. I think it’s a good bit of information to know, in case of emergency! :+1:

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I m definitely all recovered now. I do have a nice scar tho. Its just proof that I can pull myself back together. :muscle:

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It really sickens me more and more everyday to see how horrible some people can be (another reason I hate going out) I have stopped watching the news as all it does is make my blood boil.

Sorry this happened @daniel4

Glad to hear you’re all better now- and stronger in spirit than ever, @christina4! :pray: :two_hearts:

I’m with you on this one, @Katt. I’ve found watching the news has been very anxiety-inducing lately. So many crazy things happening in the world! I like to know what’s going on though, so I’ve had to balance myself- a little time reading the headlines, and then some peaceful gratitude meditation time :woman_in_lotus_position::dove: