Rowan's Weekly Challenge Catch Up - One Witch to Another

My catch up challenge is:handshake: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - One Witch to Another
This I thought would be an easy one but there are so many here in the coven that have inspired me and helped me progress within my craft. So I chose to pick one who has helped me the most in an area that I was a bit stand-offish to explore. Shadow work has always been an interesting yet cautious bit of work for me. Kind of like standing in line for the biggest rollercoaster, excited yet terrified. :laughing:
@SilverBear through her videos and lesson on her website has helped me be more so comfortable with it, and knowledgeable to take it slow and easy. So thank you @SilverBear for everything you do for us in this coven, for your wisdom and your gifts within the craft.TheEclecticGreenWitchery

Blessed Be,


Awww thank you!! I am so glad someone found it helpful! Makes all my efforts totally worth it!! :slight_smile:


A beautiful entry for the One Witch to Another Challenge! :heart::blush: Silverbear does make some wonderful content- we are all so blessed for all the gifts she gives! And agreed, Rowan, the content on Shadow work (which is such a tough aspect of magick) is really appreciated and helpful :black_heart:

Thanks so much for your entry to this week’s Catch-Up Challenge! :sparkles:


Your efforts are completely worth it!!! I’ll be joining the Patreon very soon or what you have to offer on the site to see the cool stuff. I wanna be a cool kid! :star_struck:


I congratulate you because shadow work is not easy to do. Although some do it everyday :sweat_smile: jk I love @SilverBear work as well! Thanks for sharing your entry!