Same Sun Shines on Everyone

Created with Girish’s blessing. :blush:

Same Sun, a beautiful song by Girish, merged with gorgeous video footage to create a wonderful, loving vibe!

Shri Ram Jay Rama Jay Jay Ram – It is the mantra that purifies the heart and bestows devotion to God.

Whether you believe in God(s) & Goddesses or not, it doesn’t and shouldn’t really matter. I don’t care what people believe in and nor should it bother you what anyone else believes or doesn’t believe. I think at the end of the day we are all trying to get to the same place, we just are taking different paths to get there.

The same sun shines on everyone
Its the same light in our eyes
From LA down to Bangalore
From the ocean to the skies
From the ocean to the skies…

Sita Ram Sita Ram

One love in every heart
No matter where you live
Shri ram Jay rama Jay Jay Ram

Sita Ram Sita Ram x2

We don’t need another war
Oh it’s not worth fighting for.
We can all open up our eyes
We are one.
Yes we’re one.
The same sun shines on everyone
In the west and in the east


I clicked on this video on YouTube yesterday looking forward to hearing another lovely meditation video and I was presented with this absolute gem of a song instead :heartpulse: I was so very not disappointed :heartpulse:


What a beautiful song, I’ve saved it to my videos on YouTube


So glad you enjoyed it!


This is really nice, I could see listening to this after doing a meditation or before doing spell work, it has a really powerful vibe to it. Thanks for sharing.