Samhain for children

I would like to introduce my daughter to witchcraft and I was thinking the Bluemoon on Halloween would be the perfect time. Any thoughts on what kind of spells or rituals I can do with her she is nine years old and a very intelligent young lady? I was thinking of wishes written on bay leaves. Any ideas appreciated!


:partying_face: Welcomeing our children into the craft is an exciting time! I think wishes written on bay leaves is a great way to start. For Samhain, if you want to introduce her to a pagan practice as well as witchcraft, consider finding a way to honor your ancestors together. Samhain is the perfect time for this as it is a pagan holiday that dates back to the insular Celts and their celebrations and traditions.

You can also introduce her to moon water! You can find ways to make moon water in several different places and I’ll link some here. It’s a great way to introduce her to simple magick and spellwork using the energies of celestial bodies.

How to Make Moon Water


Blue Moon Spell


How I Make Moon Water

How to Make Moon Water


These are some ideas I found on the book of Samhain by Llewellyn.

Besides the usual trick-or-treating and pumpkin-carving :jack_o_lantern: try these:

Adopt an Ancestor

Go to a cemetery with a friend or two, or with your children, and look closely at the neglected gravesites. If it feels right to you, tend to that grave. Clean off any leaves or debris, call in any vandalism you happen to see to the cemetery keepers, and when done give a small offering of water to the soil of the grave. Before you leave, pause to address a prayer to the gods or the land, asking that this soul be restful and the grave be honored.

Make a Parshell

A parshell is a type of cross intended to protect children from mean-spirited faeries. While it came to be associated with the Christian cross, it predates its presence in Europe. It really works as more of an X type cross—a figure that can often stop outside magick in its tracks or seal magick of your own.

Apple Bobbing :apple:

The United States and the United Kingdom had apple bobbing (also called apple ducking) as a common Hallowe’en game, where children attempted to remove apples from a tub of water with only their teeth.