Samhain Seasonal Foods

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With Samhain coming up quickly, I wanted to post something to get everyone in the “mood” for the upcoming Sabbat. I found this Pin on my Pinterest newsfeed this morning about foods to eat for it & thought that would be helpful & a lot of the foods work through this season & to the next Sabbat Yule!


Thank you for sharing… I’ve been a Pinterest whore here lately! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Pinterest rabbit holes & I are very good friends over the last couple of weeks :joy: I have so many witchy boards now it’s ridiculous. :rofl:


Thanks for sharing this list with us!!


I found myself going down this list checking things off one by one :joy::+1: When I lived in the USA it seemed like grocery stores had everything on offer all year round, but in Poland the stock seems to much more seasonal based. The stuff on the shelves is usually just what is currently in season :jack_o_lantern:

Interesting that “Mikan” is on the list- in Japan I had always associated the fruit with New Year’s and holiday celebrations. But I guess any cold hardy fruit can be enjoyed through the cold months, autumn included! :yum::tangerine:

Thanks for sharing this one, @Siofra- it was fun to see! Samhain and autumn time mean some truly tasty dishes :plate_with_cutlery: :two_hearts:


I don’t know who uses essential oils, but I found some Halloween-themed blends for them on Pinterest originally, but the Pin brings you to this website & after the initial article with the blends, there is a Free Printable. There is also another link at the end of the article for Fall Essential Oil Blends & a Free Printable with I believe 30 different recipes.