Saturday Night Witchiness

Hello Lovely New Friends,

I’m very excited to share news of the arrival of my Rowan wood wand from Dorset UK.

My aunt found the downed Rowan branch in the woods behind her home and made it for me. The bark has been stripped off and the wood sanded smooth, and a spiraling Klimt-like design of Rowan leaves, berries and spirals pyrographed up the length of the wand, which have been then stained with the red and green coloring. She finished with a lovely coat of her handmade beeswax polish.

I was attempting to craft my own wand recently and was struggling with trying to get it how I had it pictured in my mind. I was telling my 87 year old aunt this on the phone last Fall. She asked me what I had pictured in my mind for the wand and then kindly told me I should take a little break and come back to it. She then went about finding the Rowan branch while walking on an Iron Age Hill Fort in Dorset and made this for me! What a beautiful surprise!!

I’m in love with it and will consecrate during the next waxing moon period or full moon!!

Also, made my own cedar/pine/rosemary candle tonight infused with black salt, tourmaline stones, and peppercorns. First time I’ve ever made a candle! Not too shabby!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!


That wand is gorgeous! So very special and one of a kind! That’s great of your Aunt, very sweet. And the candle looks great! Very neat workings today!


Thanks @Amethyst :blush:


Your wand is so pretty!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Beautiful wand @Satu_TheGreenWitch, Your Aunt is very talented, and it’s something you can cherish for years to come! I am starting candle-making as well and LOVE your first one! You did a great job and used an excellent choice of scents. Bravo! Please continue sharing your candle concoctions; I’m intrigued :candle:


What a gorgeous wand!! And how very cool of your aunt! :heart: :sparkles:


Wow, your aunt is amazing! I love the wand. What a sweet thing for her to do. Was it hard to make a candle? I have never done that before. good job!


It’s so beautiful. What a thoughtful thing your aunt did. I love it!


Your new wand is so lovely and I imagine very powerful, infused with your Aunt’s imagination and love. And your candle is so beautiful. Are you sure this is your first time making a candle? It looks professionally done. Any tips or advice for other beginner candle makers?


What a beautiful wand @Satu_TheGreenWitch! :heart_eyes: And thank you for telling about the techniques, come spring I’ve been thinking I’d like to try crafting one of my own too, burning some symbols and sigils into it and finishing it off with a nice beeswax coating sounds perfect.

The candle looks good too, and I’m sure it smells lovely! :relaxed: Enjoy the rest of your witchy weekend! :sparkles:


Your wand is beautiful! I love your candle too! I want to make a candle, but afraid I will just make a mess.


You’re welcome, my friend!


Very nice​:heart::heart:


I’m in awe of your wand, @Satu_TheGreenWitch- it is stunning! :heart_eyes: Your aunt is a very talented crafter, and I really love that she finished it off with beeswax- what a lovely touch! :sparkles:

Ohhh and that candle is gorgeous too- such great ingredients! I can tell that, between you and your aunt, a talent for crafting runs in your family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Beautiful treasures, thank you so much for sharing! :sparkling_heart:


Gorgeous wand @Satu_TheGreenWitch. Your Aunt has a very good talent there. I can almost smell the lovely candle you made. Just beautiful!


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