Saturday's Spell! (plus a candle question)

Hello and happy Saturday to one and all!

I was not able to complete the prayer to Bast for protection last week, so I did it today. Here is my humble setup! Black candle for protection / warding off of evil and negative energies, feather for an offering to Bast, and this lovely cat statue we have in the house to represent Bast herself:

Astute eyes may also notice my little lion figurine in the background that I’ve had out since the start of Leo season. It’s the 21st so I guess I need to change him out! Lol!

I also had a candle magick question: is there a limit to the number of prayers / candle spells I can do in a day? Will the candle get too confused with all the different energies / intentions? Or once I snuff it out is that putting it back to a clean slate sort of thing? I couldn’t find the answer anywhere so I apologize if this has already been answered.


Aww, your Bast spell looks great! Good job!

As for candles, this is just my opinion but once you program them for a certain thing, it’s awfully difficult for them to be reused for something else. Personally, I use chime candles so I can let them burn down and just use another for the next purpose.

The only time I reuse a candle is when I’m lighting one for my morning devotional, and that’s because I use it for the same thing every morning.

Hope this helps!


Chime candle? Are those the little ones?


That’s a lovely setup for Bast!:heart_eyes:
As for your candles, I sometimes reuse mine (for money reasons). I have read that it’s best to light different candles for meditations and spell work. However, I feel that when I do a black candle meditation, for example, I have already placed an intention on that candle to rid myself of any and all negative energies, so I don’t see why I couldn’t use it for a spell to banish negativity. Now, if I tried to use it for a money or love spell, for example, then the poor candle would get confused. :laughing:


Yep, they’re the small ones!

Image From Amazon


Yeppers, they burn for about two hours.


Those are the ones I have. Wasn’t aware of the name (Amazon just referred to them as spell candles)
Thanks luvs! :blush:


That helps for SURE! Thank you!


Thank you @Kasandra ! That makes total sense :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! :hugs: