Saturn goes Direct 🪐

Our Karmic overlord is turning direct today in its home sign of Capricorn! :capricorn: So what does that mean for us??

When Saturn :ringer_planet: was retrograde between April and today, we were offered very important lessons internally.

Each and every person went through a different aspect of this Saturn retrograde and everyone would have been working on accepting a particular truth or reality… :yin_yang: We were forced to look inward, face some home truths and accept responsibility.

Saturn turning direct today allows us to move forward with this new knowledge. :sparkles: All of the things we have been working on internally are now ready to materialize!!

The more responsibilities you took internally during the retrograde motion, the more you’ll find desirable changes in your life now that Saturn is direct :upside_down_face:

This is why it’s so important to work with retrogrades!

Another interesting point to observe is that between today and January 2020, Saturn :ringer_planet: will retrace the steps it walked between January and April 2019- all of the things you worked on with great difficulties in early 2019?- You’ll find yourself repeating the theme now, but with much greater ease and wisdom :relieved:

Looking back on your diaries and journals for a reminder of early 2019 should give you a head start :heart:


Can’t even express how happy this has made me :heart: thank you so much for sharing your wisdom @mrs


This is a blessing to hear! :raised_hands: Thank you Saturn and thank you @mrs for sharing your wonderful astrological knowledge! :two_hearts:


I loved reading these words!! For me, early 2019 was when I first started Spells8! You brought me lots of fun memories of spells that worked! :grin:

Now I will spend the next 3 hours trying to find that journal!! :laughing: :crossed_fingers: