Saturn Went Retrograde May 23rd

Saturn went Retrograde on May 23rd of 2021 & when this happens it’s more of karmic energy. You will be brought lessons for some things & rewarded for others. It’s a time of balance of things that have been brought forth in your life.

Pay attention to whatever themes are active in your life around June 14, as it’s likely they may hold a clue as to some of the soul work you are set to do through 2021.

Saturn Retrograde is subtle energy, but a great time to reflect on your actions and ensure they are leading you to where you want to go.

Use this energy to take ownership of your life, to rise up to any challenges you are facing, to be gentle with yourself, and to remember that Saturn and the entire Universe want to see you succeed!

Saturn Retrograde Exercises

1.) What are 3 things you find most challenging right now? What are 3 things you can take responsibility for in regards to these challenges?

2.) Where do you need more freedom in your life? Where do you need more boundaries?

3.) Journal prompts:

  • I am wiser now because…
  • I aim to experience growth in these areas…
  • I need to take more responsibility for…
  • I can be gentler on myself by…

Wow! Thank you for this, I’m copying it and putting it in my BOM. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


More astrology!!! Woohoo :tada::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re very welcome, I had no idea until I read something that mentioned 2 planets being retrograde in May in June of this year. So I had to find out what the other was! It seems that retrograde planets have you digging deeper internally & learning from your actions. I could be way off base, but that seems to be the common theme with them.


Mercury in retrograde and Saturn in retrograde too! :astonished: :ringer_planet: Thanks for keeping us informed about astrological happenings and excitement, @Siofra! :pray:

The journal prompts look very useful. Seems like a great time for introspection and reflection :person_in_lotus_position: :relaxed:


I love journal prompts or worksheets for these things. I like doing shadow work too. I’m different. :rofl:

You’re welcome. I thought there were 2 in retrograde & just had to go looking to find out. I’m trying to learn what each planet represents by their retrogrades. Maybe I’m doing it backwards.