Saying hi to everyone

Hi everyone merry meet and blessed be sorry I’ve been out for awhile had some phone issues but im back welcome and blessed be to all the new comers im glad you joined just to introduce myself to all the new brothers and sisters that have joined my name is nate or summer phoenix I’m a teacher of the craft and i just initiated one of my two new students to first degree on saw win it was very pleasent and magickal so welcome blessed be merry meet merry part and merry meet again may the lord and lady continue to bless all of you :blush: :sparkling_heart:


Hey @nathaniel1! Glad to have you back!


Glad to have you back Nathaniel! :wave:


Hi Nathaniel… Its wonderful meeting you


Welcome back! It’s great to see you!

Would you like to change your username to Summer_Phoenix? Just let us know & the moderator team will happy to help with the change. :hugs: It’s completely up to you :smiling_face:

I look forward to chatting with you more & how you have been doing along with what you may have learned while teaching on your own :star_struck:


Welcome back @nathaniel1!

It’s great to hear from you- and wow, it sounds like you have been busy! Congrats to both you and your two new students, that is very exciting :blush:

Wishing you all the best! Blessed be :sparkles:


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