Scared myself

So, I am new, been doing lots of spells and scared myself because they are working. First spell was a pain reliever one because my back was killing me for over a week, i did the spell that night and woke up the next still in pain, but then that evening the pain vanished all of a sudden, so i assumed coincidence, then, i did a money spell, did the drawing of a “check” for 5,000 and the next day income taxes came in for 5000! So prob coincidence, but then i did the finding lost items spell for my apple watch, and literally the next day i went to grab my sunglasses out in the car and there it was, laying between the seats. I had goosebumps go down my back because i have searched my car a million times for it. Then I thought my husband was playing a prank since i told him about doing the spell, and he was skeptical to say the least. but he was creeped and said no, he had just searched my car that morning for it and nothing was there… so he said i raised a demon and sold my soul accidentally. Is this a thing? Or a deity that might be a trickster? All of this has happened in like a week.

I read this book where she thought she was calling to one deity and he was helping her and then she summoned him and he killed her so that is going through my mind… it was a fictional book (The Magicians) but im just new and nervous, is this normal? Or am i totally losing it? My husband scared me!

Thanks in advance for any help


I am not a demon expert but I think you would have to intentionally raise a demon with words for that purpose; I do not believe you could raise a demon by accident, and that is saying IF they exist (I am not saying they do or do not).

I think it’s possible to accidentally bring some kind of energy or spirit to a home without meaning to but that is different. That is why some people turn around three times when leaving a graveyard and go home a different way – it doesn’t make sense, really, when you think about it (like how would that confuse them? LOL) but there you go. I did it, once. What you believe in works, sometimes.

And the same is true for “selling” your soul. If that were possible, and I’m not saying it is or it isn’t because what I believe isn’t the issue, but if it WERE possible, I think it would have to be a very specific process and you would feel it – you would feel incredibly different (and worse). Think of how many times we say things in anger, like “go to hell” and worse and nothing bad happens.

Coincidences can feel a little weird and creepy. Sometimes things are more than coincidences. But you are doing very harmless spells. If you feel uncomfortable, stop, at least for a while. But I don’t see any danger in what you are doing.

I do not think there is necessarily a normal in witchcraft per se other than when you are beginning anything new and unfamiliar (and especially, something controversial), it is normal to feel uncertain and nervous.


Good Morning and welcome. If you followed the spell. Cast a circle of protection, you should have been ok. You could try Cleansing baths before your spells. See: spells, on Search and you’re going to find some simple spells. It also gives you the why, that will be up you.

Spells can sometimes be as temperamental as a bee It may go straight to the hive (Yea! it works in a week or so)
Then you have the bee who keeps wandering from flower to flower, Patience should be a required subject
smiley potter

In your case, from a certain point of view, your spell did work, the watch was found worked.
Easy Peasy.
No demons, just your power.


Well, first off… your spell worked for you x3! Great job! :tada: I would say from my own experience, don’t do “a lot” of spells, or at least not at first because then you won’t know what worked & what didn’t or get them confused. If you have a system though, then go for it if that’s what you feel is right for you.

I believe your husband is just trying to tease you & possibly (not maliciously) get under your skin about what you are doing by practicing & learning about a new(ish) part of yourself.

My personal belief, is that you can’t summon a demon without going through an invocation or ritual of some type & that a trickster deity wouldn’t try to get you to do something like that because that’s not something they just pop in to do or sounds like more of a black magic path, maybe :thinking: I honestly don’t have a good answer for that one because I have never encountered such a deity…

I also think that maybe your husband doesn’t fully understand witchcraft & that there are types & each path is different. So you would have to explain that to him beginning in the sense he is thinking ie: you are or are not a “good witch” or “bad witch” before you go too much more in-depth about how you explain your craft to him. I encountered some initial sarcasm & teasing when I talked to my husband about it. Once I explained a little to him & my beliefs, he said it makes sense & has been supportive, but that it’s not his “thing”.

(My husband was forced into strict Roman Catholicism at an early age through schooling & his mother worked at the school system from 5th grade through high school & was involved with the colleges in the city through the diocese plus the regular Sunday masses, classes, & rites… so isn’t really a religious or spiritual type of person, but he won’t negate my beliefs. Sometimes he asks about what I am doing or different crystals that he sees me carrying but it’s for informational purposes or gift ideas :laughing:)


I’m thinking that if you “sold your soul,” you wouldn’t care and wouldn’t give it a second thought. That you are seeking answers about this suggests that your soul is very much intact. I am new as well, and this may be a remnant from my Christian beliefs regarding the “unpardonable sin,” but I think the spells you were doing were with good intent. I don’t think you summoned a demon. My husband kids around like that as well. While there is power in our words, I think the Universe has a sense of humor, and also is very understanding of our newness and our learning. Hang in there, and Blessed be!


Ignore your husband, honestly. It is highly unlikely that you summoned a demon accidentally. As far as I know, summoning Goetic demons, or even other demons for that matter, involves a lot of ceremony and very specific steps. Even then, the idea of demons as being inherently evil is a myth. The same goes for the idea of selling your soul.

As for your second question, I don’t understand. If it’s a deity that is a trickster then nothing would be working? Chances are your spells are just manifesting very quickly or some coincidences are being put together. Either way, things are working in your favor.

If you are concerned about attracting negative entities then I definitely recommend having a solid foundation in energy work and protection magic before casting more spells. In my opinion, these are the foundation for good spellwork. They keep you protected, sure, but they are also great ways to practice your skills.


This is a great suggestion, i need to do more of energy and protection work for sure!


I think that is where I am getting these doubts from as well, brought up with a strict religion and Witchcraft is very frowned upon which is why i think I let my husband get to me :pensive:


Thank you, so helpful! I know this in my heart but my husband’s words made my brain run wild :grimacing: As well as still having hang ups from a strict christian religious childhood


I completely get it having been through it myself.

Learn to trust yourself. :two_hearts:


Yes. It’s hard. I am still active in my church because I want to fulfill my obligations, but I am gradually letting go. I grew up with a self-ordained preacher for a grandfather who pounded the pulpit and turned just as red as the fire and brimstone he was yelling about. I was terrified to do anything. I am 63 and have just had the courage to follow my path. But these devils and demons? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Christianity demonized our Gods and Goddesses in an attempt to “scare” us into their way. While our ancestors in Salem may have been louded out their husbands (and wives) I don’t think that’s what your husband is doing. He is teasing you about what you love because he loves you. Same as my Charles. It’s a funny way of showing support. Hang in there, friend! I’m proud of you!


Warm greetings @melinda6,

Congrats on your successful spellwork! :partying_face: You made a wish, put your honest intention out there, and your desires were manifested- that’s the point of magick right there. You’re doing great! :heart::blush:

I agree with what others have said- don’t let your husband scare you, it is extremely unlikely that you would unknowingly summon a demon. Think of summoning circles and Ouija Boards- these are all things that you need to do willingly and aware. And even if on the chance that you encountered a demon, it is even more unlikely that you would have unknowingly entered into a contract with one.

Seeing as how there were no summonings, interactions, communications, sightings, nor contracts with any demons- I think it is very safe to say that option is off the table here. No worries, Melinda! :blush:

I was pretty shocked for a hot second there- until you said the book was fictional! While fiction and fantasy stories can certainly help to inspire and spark creativity in your practice (and can be fun to read! :blush:), books that came from someone’s imagination are not good sources for magickal education.

As for being nervous, I think it is absolutely normal to be nervous when trying something new- whether it is magick or a new hobby or a big trip or anything at all, the unknown is both nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time! :grinning:

It sounds like you are off to a wonderful start with your magick, Melinda- I think that’s amazing! Stick to positive and helpful spellwork and I really don’t think there is anything to worry about :heart:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you! Yes i am an avid reader both fiction and non fiction so books get into my brain i forget what is truth and what is fiction! Thank you for your encouraging words! That helps so much!


Hahaha if the books sweep you away so much that you become deeply immersed in the story, it sounds to me like you’ve found yourself some really good books! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :books:

And no worries at all- I’m happy if I could help! :heart:

Blessed be, Melinda!


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