Seeing certain colors

I recently did a spell jar for someone in my life I had lost contact with. After I completed the jar, I felt so powerful and proud of myself. Made me feel positive for the outcome. Question is, after the jar was created, I immediately started to see red cars everywhere (my friend the jar was for has one). I have never seen so many red cars. Being kind of a skeptic, I figured I was looking for signs so it was coincidental. Red cars started driving past, turning in front of me, waiting at lights next to me. It wasn’t just in traffic or parking lots. Was it just a coincidence?


Girl I take signs everywhere I get them. I’m all about there are no coincidences. Especially if you felt like you had such a spiritual experience with it.
That’s just me, I feel like this happens to me A LOT lol and I’m always like okay okay I get it like thank you spirit :joy: but seriously I think it’s whatever you feel and however you take things :nazar_amulet::cyclone::heartpulse:

----Hazel RAE 🩶🩷🩵


Ok, you are my new best friend!!!



Nice to formally meet you girl :smirk::wink: I’m Hazel
I’ve been here for a while and I’m obsessed with this forum, so if you wanna reach or chat about whatever shoot me a message I LOVEEEE talking to others about our crafts 🩶🩷🩵


@devin6 I personally would see it as a sign as it happened after you did the spell. Never ignore your intuition my lovely. :sparkling_heart:


I agree with the others! I don’t believe in coincidences. Take the sign for what it is worth :slight_smile: Hold on to that feeling you had right after the spell was done. I too recently did a spell and had that feeling afterwards. I was so proud of myself and sure enough things are starting to show me that the spell is working! What an amazing feeling!