#Self Care App 🛌

Have you all heard of the app, #Self Care???
If not, you’ve got to download it!! It’s all witchy, but it’s about laying in bed and taking care of you. Mental health day, basically. There are mini games and I mean easy to play!!! There’s pick a card daily for tarot, you get to pet your kitty and win a prize!! Also the games include moon phases, bubbles!! (Just thought of the fish from Finding Nemo…My Bubbles!! :laughing:), There’s a painting that’s like a puzzle, oh you get to decorate the room. The app is free but you could make purchases to upgrade the furniture.

And the best part…there’s an altar. You win items from the mini games and they go on your altar. The items vary from sage, crystals, different herbs, moon phases as statues, pinecones, ect.


I haven’t… but I will try this, from your talks of it for me it really sounds interesting. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: as I will say in my language " e sound good man" :blush:

Thank you @christina4

Blessed be!


This is so sweet and relaxing, and full of positive affirmations and gentle encouragement! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Haha I understand your language. :relaxed::v:
It’s good man!!! :sweat_smile:


Oh yeah!!! It’s very relaxing…oh yeah!!! They have a massage circle that plays singing bowls!!! That’s my favorite bc it’s so soothing!!! :relieved:


This is great! I will look into it once I can sit out back & not have a million things going through my head. So… When I need the self care the most today I guess. :rofl:


I just started using it but I have to say this is a really calming app!! I loved the breathing exercises and of course the cat!! :heart_eyes_cat:

They included so many nice details (and it has no ads!). Really well designed. Thanks for sharing, Christina!!


I’m glad you enjoyed the app!!! I did forget that it has no ads!!!