September 26th Daily Affirmations

Message to self:

“The people in my life are here

for a reason. There is something

divine about us all being together

at this time. It is meant to be, &

beautiful things are coming

into fruition for us all.”

~ Shawn Fontaine


Thank you, I love this one also. I think the people that have recently been brought to my life are there for a specific reason and just make my decision that much more definite and right for me.


You’re welcome @krissie117 glad you like it!


I love the affirmations. I have to get back to making Spells8 a thing that I do for a little bit longer. I don’t feel as connected anymore to a lot of things. I need to get back into my routine, but these affirmations help me when I get the chance to see them that everything is going to be okay.


They help me a lot too. I still have a routine, it’s just different. My school schedule is demanding. Also my kids have to share a laptop for school. I barely have any time for myself. Here I am responding to the first thing I can and now I have to wake up the kids. Uh.