Serious communication catastrophe with my partner

I am honestly at my wits end trying to figure out what to do about an obvious intrusive binding or hex that has come between my love and i. I dont know what to do or who/what/how it even came about. Ive cleansed and ive done love spells to strengthen but something is keeping me blocked. HElp!!


Are there any signs in particular you’re noticing? Information about those could help us figure out what you’re dealing with. :black_heart:

Also, I will message you some ideas in a moment. :black_heart:


Hi @saralee22,

So sorry to hear about the relationship troubles- it sounds like the wonderful starborn has already shared some tips and advice to help you out! :blush:

Do you think someone has put a hex on you/your partner/your relationship? In that case, I would suggest taking the next step up from a cleansing and do a full Hex Removal spell.

Here is a guide about hexes and how one might break one:

There’s also a Return to Sender spell specific to breaking a hex (and sending it back wherever it came from) that I’ll add here too:

Wishing you all the best! Blessed be :sparkles:


You have gotten some pretty good ideas so far. When you say you’ve done all of these spells but you still feel blocked, what do you mean? What kind of block are you experiencing?


@saralee22 I’m so sorry you’re going through this. You’ve got some great suggestions to get you started!


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