Serious Question

In all my years of practicing I have never sold it done anything for profit.

I do have dues for my students but that covers learning materials and supplies. I teach them about the craft, how to make items handmade.

The question has been raised many times why do I not sell my creations.

I have always felt the general public has no knowledge of witchcraft. So for them to buy a crystal necklace, it is only an ornament that has no meaning to them. To them it’s just a shinny object. The same with wands, athames, incense. It’s just cool Harry Potter stuff to them.

I have always felt that anything that comes from hand and passes to another must have meaning and intent.

I have rules about my recipes and the recipes that have been passed down to me. My students respect that, but many have now asked me about starting my own business.

I do have the tools and garden to harvest and create many things without any cost or very little cost (bottles, wood, etc.)

I know right now I am trying to get my daughter (Raggle Fur Baby) healed and get her surgery done. My job has started back 100% so in a month my finances will back to normal.

What are your thoughts on someone making profit on this?

I can harvest herbs, make oils, potions, incense, talismans, athames, wands, and more.

I have all the tools and equipment already to handmade all kinds of stuff. I just made some coffin bookshelves yesterday because my girls got onto me about keeping every scrap of wood and challenged me by saying what can you really make with this stuff. So I made some coffin shelves, 2 wands, and a potion rack…

So please enlighten me I would like to know honest opinions about profiting from this.


I’ve had weird thoughts regarding this subject matter.

We all have magic within us but I know some won’t come to dive into it until they have bought something and it ignites the fire of doing research.
I do agree with what you said about buying things without understanding the significance of it and so on.
I think that for me personally, if I had to step into your shoes, I wouldn’t start selling anything. Not until your little one is healed for one. Also, and this isn’t from personal experience, I feel like taking something I love and am passionate about would become dull and lose what it means to me if I wanted to profit from it. I don’t know if that made sense, a little tired this morning lol :crazy_face:


Most of the things I have were bought from other Artisans like yourself. I see nothing wrong with selling the things you grow, craft or make. Usually they will be bought by people who practice or are getting into practicing, the general public has no idea what the items are, or will run the other way.
You could make some things and set up an Etsy shop like a lot of witches do, and sell, or go to craft fairs, or renactments and just set up a booth. I know many people who buy artisan things and cherish them.
It’s also a way to introduce people to the craft. You might enjoy seeing people who love the craft buy your items…


I totally understand where you are coming from but I live in a remote area and do not have access to certain magical items. Herbs I always have to order and financially it would be easier for me to purchase ready made herbal mixtures. Just another view to think about.


Things people will only share on the internet or sell as their own, like recipes, I would be hesitant to sell online or in a store.

I have always struggled with the idea of getting paid for using the gifts given to me. Even now, my friends think I should be charging them. IDK. I do know many belief systems say a teacher should be paid fair wages. If you are providing some kind of guidance, training, or service only you can provide, like Spells8 does, then you are owed some kind of dues. I understand the struggle to accept this.


If you feel that you are providing value, then you are most definitely allowed to name a price that is fair compensation for your time, knowledge, and effort. :+1:

Many other crafts face a similar difficulty in naming a price (e.g. musicians, poets, actors, painters) since the nature of the work is a bit abstract. You could start with an hourly rate that makes sense to you and go from there.

It opens a can of worms, however, when people start charging for “miracle work”. I feel it’s impossible to guarantee results with these practices so that’s where I draw the line (I will never exchange money for “results”). Otherwise it allows shady practitioners to start profiting off desperate individuals and last-resort-seekers, which is always unethical in my view. :-1:


Honestly, I have no problems with it. What we as witches and creators do takes time, effort, and money. I see no issue with receiving payment in exchange for a service or item. I myself sell my witchy crochet items - as well as some non-witchy ones - for anyone that’s interested. I do tarot readings for a price, take custom orders, and the like. I agree with what Francisco has said. If you are providing something of value, you are allowed to name a price for your time and effort.

I don’t view it as a way to “get rich”, but as a way to share what I know and can do with others while not losing out myself. I have also been tossing around the idea of taking things in for trade. If you think about it, witches and wise-people have always gotten something in return for their wares. It’s just a little different now with the way capitalism has taken over our lives.

However, I can respect if you don’t feel comfortable charging for what you do. It is an entirely personal decision that only you can make for yourself.


So we have been talking and after Bella’s surgery we are thinking about posting in local groups and allowing people to pay to visit our gardens, pick their own herbs (with a guide so they don’t destroy things), make their own oils, incense, Wanda, and so on.

I think this way people can see what our craft is about and I still get to teach and respect my beliefs.

We already have security cameras everywhere and live in the middle of nowhere so it won’t be in a big city where I have to worry about nonsense.

Just an idea still on the fence about all this.

Some have asked about Bella’s surgery it’s happening on the 12th now. All blood work has been done and we are just doing what we can to save up some more money before her surgery. She will have the surgery no matter what even if I have to skip a car payment lol.


@daniel4 I really like that idea! I would love it if there was somewhere local to me that offered that kind of service! I would be there every week! :joy:

Good luck to Bella :heart:


This is such a wonderful idea! :two_hearts: Doing something like this would allow you to share an experience and knowledge with your community. People may come because they are interested in the craft, or because they like herbs and cooking, or even just some who love to see beautiful gardens! :sunflower:

If you feel uncertain about charging, you could potentially offer your services and crafts on a donation-base or sliding scale. You could offer your crafts and abilities for a limited time, or just as you make products. This way you won’t have to worry about setting prices and can practice and make goods whenever and however you’d like. And if you ever feel uncomfortable, you can always stop offering! :+1:

You have amazing talents and abilities and it seems like there are some who could really use the things you make! :sparkling_heart: But definitely follow your heart. I would recommend giving selling a try- and if it doesn’t work out or you feel it’s not right for you, then you can go back to crafting for yourself, loved ones, and as gifts!

However you decide to move forward, blessed be! :heart:


I think the only job to strive for is doing what you love. By creating you put your energy into something. An artist is expected to give the creation away. By selling a service or item, you are sharing that gift. And payment allows you to reach deeper and it allows you to continue evolving. Also if you find someone in real need you can always barter or gift them your time


I like your input on this, it gives me a different perspective. I respect it, thank you :slight_smile:

After reading my original post I was like… head scratch …lol.


I totally agree with you @roxanne I buy a lot of my witchy supplies from other witches.

Sadly, before I found this site, I found a site, that totally “looked and felt” shady…and upon more digging he was selling “miracle spells to change your life” starting at $600. Which is total bs, and sadly his market niche is exactly that - desperate individuals he is preying on. Sadly, giving us legit practitioners a bad name.

Everyone needs to make a living…in my opinion it’s only unethical when you start to use your craft to prey on those that feel hopeless.


Personally, I’d love to be involved with what you’re offering to provide .whatever you decide, be sure it’s what you want and be happy with it. I’m sure you’ll find the experience worth it. sending Bella tons of support and love!!


That’s exactly it. When someone starts charging $1000 for a spell, then turns around and says OMG You’re cUrSeD I need more money! - That’s a huge problem.


Thank you all for your replies.


Well Laurie Cabot charges…get this… $800 to teach witchcraft and that is only part of it…I am not sure how I feel about it…your thoughts???

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For me, I guess it depends on what she is offering and how individualized the lessons are :thinking: . Maybe if the lessons meet one-on-one and are about topics she specializes in or has devoted a great deal of time and resources into learning, or she has experience in little-known aspects of the craft.

But then again, this is a big sum of money (at least for me!) and there are so many great resources out there to learn for free or for a much more modest fee. I personally wouldn’t pay this much, but maybe there are students out there who find that her classes are worth it! :books:


I just feel that you shouldn’t charge for something that you can learn in your own.

Many covens have a membership fee to cover costs of materials and books that are given to someone. Those fees are usually very small.

I feel even one on one teaching should be free but charge for any materials. I can’t think of anything that would cost 800 bucks.

If you were to start fresh even altar supplies are way less than that.

This is a personal and spiritual journey that each person has to learn. You can’t learn everything from one person. No one person knows it all. Everyone learns different too. I feel that it’s just like going to church. The church wouldn’t charge you to learn about their religions and if they did then it’s a way to pad their pockets.

Many practitioners learn they are a witch by accident. Many have already been using herbs, crystals, seeing the world different and don’t even know it until they talk to someone or pick up a book.

Many of our practitioners have come to us because they picked up a Bucklands Guide, or Grimore of the Green Witch, or some other book they found and just want to know more.

We give private lessons to anyone who asks about it but I don’t charge. I might give them a list reading materials and tell them I can order them and they can pay me for it, but I don’t profit off anything.

I feel everyone learns better by reading, watching, doing stuff hands on. I encourage people to practice at home, make teas, incense, read, read, read, read. Then ask questions. Most people care more about themselves by engrossing themselves in the knowledge of texts.

I couldn’t think of anything that 800 bucks would buy you.

Sorry if I am ranting. Just always grew up believing that love, kindness, knowledge, and happiness are free. Money can’t buy any of this. Applying yourself and pushing yourself to strive to learn is the best way.

Yes you can pay for an education but even in college what do you learn, was it taught correctly, did you learn it all? I took 8 years of Theology and it taught me very little about the Occult or Wicca. I learned so much about religions. That knowledge made me seek out Books to read. The knowledge I got from school was like an appetizer and I wanted the meat and potatoes but never got it. Thru my family, grandparents, great grandparents, reading I taught myself anything I could, and I still learn stuff everyday.

There is no one true way to practice. Many people incorporate many things to create their own path. I have seen many different paths here and that why I love this place.

What works for one person may not work for another.

There are countless resources for the use of magik, witchcraft, Wicca. This has been in practice longer than organized religion.

Anyway I just woke up and maybe I’m grumpy lol.


This was beautiful to read- I’m grateful you shared it, @daniel4 ! :pray: I wish there were more people who shared this view :heart:.

In my opinion, charging or not charging (and then, how much to charge) for courses and content all comes down to balance and your own sense of value versus cost.

As someone who loves knowledge, enjoyed higher education (considering going for my master’s soon!), and has worked as a teacher, I know how much effort goes into making classes and content. Teachers have dedicated a huge amount of time, resources, and money into their passion and made it their career. Since we live in a money-based economy, I think they deserve monetary compensation for all that they do! :books:

But on the other hand, it’s an absolute crime how much universities (especially in the States) are charging. As an undergraduate, my first university wanted $47,000 per year, not to mention additional transportation fees and costs like books and other materials :scream: . I can tell you honestly that the things I learned and experienced during my short time there were great- but not worth a price tag like that!

It seems like here in Europe some schools have found a better way to go about this. Many of the programs here cost about $1-2,000 a year, but the postgraduate program I am considering applying to now is funded by the EU and would be free for me (even as an non-EU citizen). Many programs are free or cost very little for citizens.

I’m rambling now :sweat_smile:, education is a huge part of my life (and a big passion!) and I’m all for the believe that quality education and knowledge should be accessible to all :open_book::two_hearts:

I think this is a valuable and great discussion to have- thank you for bringing it up, @roxanne ! :grin: :+1: