Setting healthy boundaries to pursue dreams ( and care for health better)

Ok so realising that i needed to set some boundaries and define my working and study roles especially as woeking 3 jobs and studying at uni and working on on starting own buisness and health issues of late. But the latter two seems to be getting pushed aside because leaders in the work role ( with one also including study requirement which started as helping out and doing on side turned into i have to do it as lsck of staff n anyone else to fill tgat role, im now it even though i asked 7 months ago to step down so could stop uni study as i was burning out. And im not even being recognised beyond cert 111 after 2 years even thought im operatingbat higher reponsibility n having to study to fill a role at higher level and been there 10 years but the industry is really in trouble so i foynd out im not only one overworked n underpaid…). Other job roles are wanting me yo take a side job as a full on proper job even though by its very nature its understood that people taking tgat role are doing aside othet life, work n stufy responsibilities and while can do it as a full on job i never intended anything other as side job to help financially to help as my main job isnt enough n due to travel i cant eork more days even if im now woeking longer shifts wjen do work due to low staff. As i said industry in trouble… but i had to find a compromise with wjat could work with physically, mentally n emotionally and 3 days work with 3 hours tracel a day on public transport was my max capacity. One boundary ice veen able to maintain even if yhe extra responsibility n study not so much. I want to help if i can but when ut got too much i asked to step down ( veing told my pay rate would drop too if i did, then i found out im not being paid to do extra role n responsibility so no my pay wouldnt drop if i stepped down to a lesser role cause thats the level im being paid for…i just shaje my head at that) but also wjile i said at the time i unferstood we didnt have staff for me to step down eben when did i couldnt step down n now again we lost the staff that had filled that role so im not only back to filling the role no one else can fill by default but still no sign i can step down. . . I habe 3 months combibe leave that i couldmt take because of lack of staff. N ive gone inro panic uf ever thought might need to call in sick but unless contageous i had to work. While progress may be posdible on those two points and today can rectify being underpaid 2.5 hours weeks ago n not realised till this week cause they have 3 sysyems just for pay, time sheeys and rosters n logging in is a nighymare. So thats good if can fix that…

It was this morning that came to decision that i needed to start figuring out where to start making stands and setting clearer boundaries. I get the situations n perceptions of others involved as much as can but for my health and MY goals (not other ppls goals) i need to regroup and establish a few boundaries as i feel as if people around me have either forgotten on not realise some situayions were supposed to be temporary or supplimentary roles not ongoing and full blown roles even if that was what they wanted for themselves in their role. I want to help if i can, but i also need to look after myself as well n pursue my goals and dream other wise ill never make progress stay stuck here in this situation n also continue to be trying to stay off the edge of burnour ( or pulling mysrlf back from it).

So heres to establishing ( or reestablishing) more healthy boundaries to care fir health and wellbeibg, while still helping where i can, and pursuing dreams. . One step at a time. Ill get there. I am just glad that i realised tjis this morning cause i was feelibg like i was getting pushed to do more than could, or was supposed too in so many areas, to wake up in morning n getting ready for work n realise wait ! I can do sonething bout this, or at least some of it, was such a good feeling and thought. :grin::hugs::grin:


I am so glad that you came to that realization! I, too, allow myself to be in certain situations when I shouldn’t, or I let people push too far, or I pile too much on. So I know the feeling!

Definitely set boundaries!! I am very happy that you can see the need to do that, and realize that it’s healthy for you to do! :clap:

Good luck! :heart:


That is a really beautiful goal and great direction to set sail towards- good for you, @Phoenix_Fire! You set your boundaries and lay the lines to protect yourself and stay healthy :muscle: :heart:

Yes! So mote it be! :raised_hands: :two_hearts:


Amen to that! :clap: Setting boundaries is difficult and I’m proud of you for recognizing that you need to be more firm in setting your boundaries. One thing my sister-in-law has started saying (and reminding me of) is that my job is my side hustle. My job is the thing that I do so that I can pay rent, buy food, and live a life in this capitalist hellscape we’re in. My life is what’s important and that can sometimes get lost in the daily bustle of life.

One step at a time is all it takes. Before you know it you’ll be 10 steps ahead of where you are right now. And that’s 10 steps you took individually to get you there!


You can do it & will feel so much better rhan you did in those situations :clap:


YES! @Phoenix_Fire ONWARD!!!


Yes! I’m in the process of setting boundaries myself. You’ve got this!!

@jan_TheGreenWitch I needed that message!!!


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