Several spells at once?

Hello everyone! Can I start multiple sugar jar (honey jar) spells at the same time for different people? Thanks!


@michael10 hello yes you can do multiple jars at once. Just be sure to label and date them.


Hello @michael10!

That’s a great question! I agree with Crystal- I think it’s perfectly fine to do multiple spells at once.

While I wouldn’t suggest casting different spells simultaneously (as I think it would be nearly impossible to hold different intentions and keep them from intermixing), if it is the same spell going out to different people, so long as you feel able to confidently direct the energy to where it needs to go, then there shouldn’t be a problem :blush:

Wishing you all the best with your sugar jar spells- blessed casting! :sparkles:


@michael10 The thing you should avoid is turning the process into a production line, moving from one spell to the next mechanically. Each one should get your full attention and energy.

Spells require your will to be focused. If you are thinking about another spell you did, or the one you’re going to do next, it’s very difficult to focus the will strongly enough to achieve a good effect.


Thank you. That’s great advice.


You’re welcome!

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