Shadow work and how to begin

I’ve done a few tarot readings and more than once the cards have told me that I need to let go of some baggage from my past. I’ve known for quite some time that I need to identify some of these hurts and grievances that I’ve been dragging around for far too long and learn how to heal from them and release them so they don’t influence the happy fulfilling future that I envision for myself as well as my family. I have a bad tendency to dwell on that ngs and overthink and over analyze things and I’m not sure I was ever taught how to process and let go of things. I’m also going through a stage in my life where I am literally climbing off rock bottom and trying to find out who I truly am inside and I’ve made a little progress and I’m slowly rising from the ashes but I know my journey is no where near finished. So I’m thinking it may be time to start doing some shadow work but I have no clue where to start or even how to do it and the internet is FULL of conflicting information and it’s a little overwhelming for me. So would any of you be so kind to share and advice, insight or information you have. I know it can get very heavy and will be emotional but I feel like if I don’t start this process my family is going to suffer and possibly fall apart and the only thing I know for sure will help is trying to make peace with my past and fully discover and accept myself for who I am. I owe it to myself and my family. Thank you in advance. Blessed be


Disclaimer: Shadow work can bring up a lot of garbage and repressed memories. While you can do shadow work on your own, I also recommend you have a licensed medical professional for access to therapy and medicine so you don’t do anything rash.

Here are some resources from the forum on shadow work.

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@MeganB covers this on her website and on her YouTube channel. My bet is she would have other resources, too.

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I wish you all the best on this journey. Remember we are here, too, to support you and love you.


Good stuff - I’ve also got a shadow self challenge up and running -


@praecog29 thank you so much for the resources. I was already pretty aware of the fact that it could dredge up a whole mess of emotional trauma that I have been avoiding for the last 20+ years but my mental health is stagnant in a not so great place and my marriage is struggling and I’m sure I’m not putting out a good example for my children by continuing to hide and run from the things that have scarred me in the past. And I feel like this is not just a chance to heal and free myself from these hurts but to also shed light on things that I should fix before it is too late to improve relationships that have been damaged by lingering baggage. Gratitude for the warning. I feel like I’ve found a strong support system within the infinite roots family and that gives me courage and the strength to finally start this journey. I won’t lie and say that it doesn’t trigger a massive amount of anxiety about facing whatever comes out but I also know I don’t wanna keep letting all this garbage weigh me down and holding me back from a beautiful life either. :grin: So I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, facing my fears and I’m gonna start working on mending all the broken parts that I hide so well :muscle:

@SilverBear I will definitely be looking into your challenge I’m addition to these resources @praecog29 shared with me. I also found a ritual that @christina4 posted that I’m going to try as well. There’s no time like the present and I’m not getting any younger that’s for sure :rofl:


Whew, shadow work can get heavy. @praecog29 already shared some of the resources I have (thanks Ben :partying_face: ) and those things are my go-to articles.

My only other concern would be that if what you’re experiencing or needing to let go of is heavy or involves a lot of trauma, you definitely want to seek therapy. I tend to use shadow work in a more spiritual sense and not dig into traumas and psychological issues that require therapy. I’ve got a lot of trauma history myself, so my therapy experiences definitely color my view of spiritual shadow work. Shadow work is, first and foremost, a psychological process.

While I can’t tell you not to do shadow work without a therapist backing you up, I can tell you that it would be immensely helpful. We’re here for you nonetheless!


I use journal prompts for some shadow work. I’ve got a nifty book that has about twenty journal questions for each tarot card. So I just pull a card and pick out a question. But you can find journal prompts all over and I find writing things out makes me feel better. There are some interesting prompts on this page, and it has some info on shadow work itself.

Good luck.