Shadow work course

Hello @Francisco. Firstly thank you for this site and the printable pages and sharing your knowledge and wisdom!

The shadow work course is great!. I have completed it but will be going over it again as I do more journaling and journeying.

I noticed that there aren’t any links for the exercises listed. Can you add links to them? That will provide easy access as I plan on being in and out of this course as I do shadow work. For now I am just referring to the video that describes the different ways I can do shadow work and am using my own tarot spreads, journaling, and making notes on what to discuss with my therapist. :grin:


Good morning @Phoenix_Rose! The sections that don’t have links to them, mean that they are “still in production”. So when they are finished they will be added to the course as they become available. Once they are done, you will see more sections highlighted in pink with the link to the actual material :hugs:


This looks helpful, I need to do Shadow work, currently been doing some with my Witches Oracle, which has been good but could do with a more in-depth study of it. So will take a look on the site for this lesson. Thanks again. Blessings :sparkling_heart:


Thanks @Susurrus Can’t wait! :grin:. In the meantime, I am using my own exercises but I know I will greatly benefit from the exercises on here once there are up.


I’m glad you’re enjoying the Shadow Work course! As @Susurrus mentioned, the course is new so it’s still being uploaded as of May 2023. This means there are a few lessons that will be added in the next couple of months.

Sure! I’ve now added the links that were missing (What are archetypes and Shadow in body, mind and soul) but again not all the lessons are available yet. Please stand by! Thanks for your feedback!! :blush:


Thank you for asking that question @Phoenix_Rose and thank you @Francisco for adding the links. I am starting my Shadow Work course too here soon with this group on Facebook and I still have to go back thru our course and not be distracted while reading and listening.


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