Shadow work is tough

I invited the Morrogan into my life last week and have not seen any crows since then. I have been blaming it on the weather, but the weather hasn’t effected them before. I have been having crazy dreams, not nightmares exactly, but uncomfortable. She is definitely showing me things that I’m not sure I’m ready for but she knows that I am. Does that make sense? I think it does, but it’s kind of scary because I try to stay away from my negative self. She just needs to stay in the closet! Shadow work isn’t fun but it’s needed to grow.


@Ostara YES! So much sense. I have done some shadow work of my own. It’s a feeling of resistance and surrender in the same moment. Please don’t make me do this, but knowing it is for your best good. You are right, Morrigan she is smart and knows what she is doing. I’m a little intimidated by her because she is so mighty and fierce. Listen, no matter what, may I say, you are doing shadow work you are kicking major butt!! Good for you :hugs:


Linda, your discussion is absolutely spot on. I tried shadow work last year and I was wounded by what I was allowed to remember. Take heart dearest, even the emotional wounds of self reflection will heal. And remember your family at Spells8 are here to listen, give courage and lots and lots of love.


I work with the Morrigan & she is deeply associated with Shadow Work, the Dark Moon, Scorpio, Samhain, all of the dark periods of time in our life. Recently I had a sudden shift from Brighid to the Morrigan. While I feel the pull of Shadow Work from her, I have stated that I am not in a good mental place for that kind of work right now, but when I am, I will do what I have to do.

She is actually more a driving force for me to deal with my feelings & situations, open & honest. Tackle them head-on without running or hiding from them. Shadow work isn’t the only way to do that… so remember that too. She wants you to take your power & build yourself up to the warrior she knows you are, of whatever that may be or mean to you.

She won’t put you deliberately in harm’s way, but she will make sure that she gets her point across. She is adamant & determined. Many years ago in Celtic culture, women were just as much a part of the whole as men. They fought alongside men in battles & did similar workings each day. You are doing the right things, but don’t do anything without the proper grounding, centering, & a plan for reflection or recovery afterward. Journaling may be a good way to do that for you. Or instead of actual Shadow Work, some journaling with free writing instead of answering prompts.


I couldn’t agree more with this discussion. Working on yourself, especially the drak side is a hard and very long process. Been struggling with a lot of it for years trying to look for help from many sources. Until I found my spiritual path and started learning about Shadow Work, which is exactly what I need to agree with myself and live a full life.

Reading your posts ladies I feel like I’ve beed hit in a face with a flat heavy rock :scream: I think you just made me realize something that’s been staring right in my face for good few months now. Reading this discussion I moved to you lovely bit about Morrigan @Siofra_Strega to find out a little bit more. Turns out that I’ve been getting signs from her for ages now. Just shows I have to work on my instincts a little more, especially trusting them (but that’s whole other story). And now you @Ostara start this topic today after one of the most bizarre dreams I had in years too :exploding_head: My mind has been blown to pieces…

Following on the post about Morrigan I had the weirdest feeling that I know her and she seems very familiar. Another hit in the face! She resembles the Slavic Godess, Lady of the Lake (one of many names she has, I just prefer it personally), of whom unfortunately there isn’t a lot of information about anymore, but she was always believed to be of Celtic origin originally.

Oh may, oh may… You ladies have given me a lot to process now: as shocked and beaten I am by this discovery I’m also so very grateful to you for opening this discussion and bringing my attention to what I was so blind too :pray:t2:



@Viss If you haven’t found it already there is a wealth of information on the Morrigan in this discussion:

The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess

Including resources & other helpful links/recommendations. She doesn’t just call you to bring you down. She wants you to be strong & overcome daily & intense challenges.

Has anyone else learned about the Morrigan?

There are some resources here too, but be sure to try & reinforce your findings there to form your own conclusions of how she is there to assist & guide you forward. :triquetra:


Thank you @Siofra_Strega, I will read it all as the dream I had tonight was really confusing, but now that I’m reading more and more it begins to make sense and I believe it’s strongly connected to Morrigan.


Right now, because I have had a strong calling recently, I am reading Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess by Stephanie Woodfield. She is a Priestess of the Morrigan & has another book about the Morrigan too. Once I am finished with this one I will be reading that one. I started with Pagan Portals by Morgan Daimler. She gives a good bit of information with her interpretations & associations but encourages you to come to your own conclusions of what makes sense by the mythology & stories concerning the Morrigan & her sisters. I think you will find that a lot more in life recently refers back to her.

She is very associated with 3, that is a very common theme when she is trying to get your attention. The more you push, the stronger she lets you know that she is calling unless you outright deny her respectfully of course. She is understanding but is a force to be reckoned with, she is known for “clearing the way” so to speak for you to find your way.

If you have Kindle Unlimited, a lot books on the subjects of paganism, mythology, witchcraft, etc… are free to read/download.


Going to have to research this. She would likely like me.


I purchased a book today called Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess Invoking The Morrigan. I think it will be interesting.


I actually really love this quote. Really sums her up perfectly to me. Going to note it and put it on top of my page for the Morigan.


YES! I am on my own shadow journey and I understand the fear. It is worth it but it is a lot to go thru. I know if we put in the work then we will be rewarded. Just be the mirror!


@Ostara yes! That’s the book I am reading now. Before drawing any solid ideas, please read other works on her from trusted sources, because there is also misinformation. The Tuatha de Danaan is her “tribe” & she has stories from the Ulster Cycle.

@CourtneyTann Shadow work is really tough & can bring up some pretty sensitive topics & even more sensitive feelings. I do try to do some every few months, which would be around now, but I know that I do not have the mental capacity to handle going through that at this time. However, you are correct, it is worth it & a lot to go through, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Little bits at a time & add on as you go, don’t try to do a whole workbook in a day, that would be too much. I’m happy that you are on your shadow journey, be prepared & take breaks when you can or have to.


I found a website that explains the Morrigan a bit more than some other sources.

“The Morrígan was an Irish goddess of death, destiny, and battle. A trio of sisters who could take the form of a single goddess, she was the keeper of fate and a purveyor of prophecy.”

“Appearing before great battles as the goddess of war, death, and fate, the Morrígan offered prophecy and favor to heroes and gods alike. She was often depicted circling the battlefield in the form of a raven to carry away and eat carrion, though she could also appear as a beautiful woman to seduce powerful men. She was a cunning shapeshifter and a terrifying omen of death to the characters of Irish mythology.”


I admire you!! It takes a warrior to do shadow work so remember that when you fear it!! It’s best to address things on YOUR terms and THAT takes courage and resolve. To use the empirical terms, that’s some deep therapy!!


I took a break on reading about the Morrogan. I walked outside and 3 crows were flying over my head. Thats crazy. I guess she is trying to get my attention again. Lol!


I think that’s really good. She is with you now


I know I have significant shadow work to do but have not found the courage. I have deeply repressed memories suffice it to state.
But @Siofra_Strega what you write about the Morrigan wanting you to take your power and build upon it hits home with me. This is exactly what I’ve been doing since last June…and I can’t help but wonder if this activity is my preparation for shadow work…?


It could be. Only you can decide when to start & if you do, take it slow & stop if it gets uncomfortable.

@SilverBear has a “challenge” of Shadow Work from start to finish for each exercise listed. It would be a good place to start with kind of dipping your toes in the water. & it saves your place so you can pick up where you left off.

Eclectic Green Witchery Shadow Work Challenge

I use it & as soon as I get uncomfortable I do some mindful breathing & stop where I am until I feel like I can do an exercise again.

Right now I am working on celebrating myself & my Inner Child. Treading lightly though. Kind of cherry :cherries: picking the questions I will try to answer.

You’ll get there. It might not even be shadow work that she is asking you to consider. If that’s what is resonating with you, then, I would start with either the site I linked above or these

Spells8 resources:

Shadow work & where to start

Spells8 Lunar Eclipse Shadow Ritual with Shadow worksheet


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