Should i cleanse candles in between use?

Hi so my question is too all my lovely magickal peeps is do you or should you cleanse your candles in between use? So for example, i cleanse my candles when i take the one i want to use (as new) for say today it is the black candle which is good to meditate with…
So between now and next week if i don’t use this candle for any other meditations (spells have their own use i don’t use meditation tea light candles for spells i use the chime type and keep them for that specific use), can i use it again without cleaning it?
So my trail of thought is what about other spirits/jinns etc? Wouldn’t they touch my items when they are left on my altar? Although i do sage/cleanse my witchy room regularly, by other types of beings touching them would it make them impure or catch the wrong energy?
Sorry this may sound absurd but in my own religious beliefs and my witch practice i tend to connect things as to me they are not separate just as i am not, so i take things into consideration with the best of both worlds. Muslims can agree that we believe that jinns and other beings we cannot see exist, and just as people have good and bad, so do they…
Let me know what you think… :blush: :hugs:


If you are using the tealights only for meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: but it doesn’t burn down all the way, the simple answer is yes. You can use that tealight again for another meditation.

Based on your beliefs, it sounds as though cleansing the meditation candle before use to clear energy from the last meditation & any other spiritual beings that may have left some type of energy behind is a good idea :bulb:


Thanks for replying… Yes i don’t know why i asked. It sounds simple enough to just cleanse it if i have doubts or belief others have been in my room and perhaps touched my things… Thanks for opening my eyes :hugs:


No worries! I hope you have a great day!


Gees @TheMuslimWitch It’s early morning here and I haven’t had a full cup of coffee and your question is so deep…so let me think a while.


  • The Muslim spirit world includes angels, malevolent creatures and an additional type of spirit being called jinn . According to the Quran 15:26-27, God made the jinn out of smokeless fire before he created human beings out of clay. Like humans, though, jinn can be Muslim, submitting to the divine will or they can be willfully wicked. Muslim -culture-12086900.html
    So, if I were you , I’d surely cleanse and anoint it again.

As a safety precaution, when I set my altar outside of its storage place, I bless the cloth upon which it will stand and cover it with another blessed cloth when I’ve finished, before I break the circle. This serves several purposes, it keeps it clean, Florida is very dusty, and I don’t always put it away & it should avoid contamination. I suppose one could also create a circle of protection around it, like a shield. Figuratively, you should be the only one on the spiritual plane that can break it. But technically I’m just not sure if these creatures can manifest themselves enough to unwrap your magical tools and foul them.
Listen to others, their answers may be more concrete than mine.
Sending you determination and strength.
blessed be little sister


Good morning @TheMuslimWitch :heart: (or at least it’s morning here for me. I know it most definitely isn’t for you lol) I don’t know much about the Jinn or other spirits in Islam, so of course, keep that in mind in my answer.

I think that if you’re concerned about other spirits and beings messing with your stuff, it wouldn’t hurt anything to cleanse your candles between uses. However, I’m wondering if you could instead put up some protective wards around your home, or at least in your witchy room, to keep other spirits out. Then you wouldn’t have to cleanse your things beforehand unless maybe someone else brought some icky energy into the room with them.


That’s a great idea too! I never think of things like that :thinking: I’m not sure why, but I remember to protect my own energy now. I’ll get there… :footprints:


Thank you Garnet for your insight… It is really hard to tell whether i should or shouldn’t and in all honesty i should always cleanse them, however, i get this ‘feeling’ that something is not pure and that when i do cleanse it. I think it is up to intuition in the end. Besides i usually sage my room very regularly if not daily just as i have many family members coming in and out (not just kids even the husband even though my witch room has only items related to my craft or my hobbies). :blush:


Khadija, Always follow your heart (intuition), it won’t lead you astray.