Signs are everywhere!

Hi everyone :blush:

I just wanted to share a cute little story with you. I moved into my current apartment a couple years ago, and the building has its own underground garage. The building itself is fairly new, built in 2014 I believe, and quite big as well. A couple days after moving in, I saw a pretty blatant sign that I probably chose the right place to live in; next to the door which leads from the garage to the elevators, I saw the following:

Imagine my surprise! I still walk past it everyday, and it never fails to make me smile :star2: I wonder who carved it into the wall!


Yes! Part of engaging in Magic is finding these signs and asking yourself whether they are mundane or magical. For me, I was at the crossroads of a major decision/turning point in my life when I started seeing symbols and signs everywhere.

Of course it’s up to you to interpret it, but I see in that pentacle a path YOU need to keep exploring! Or maybe it’s just that you have some cool neighbors!


I agree :blush: I took a bit of a gamble when I moved to Brussels, so seeing that pentacle as I moved in really helped to reassure me that I was on the right path :star2:


That is way cool! Some people who don’t know our path, would probably freak out, but I am glad that we are getting more accepted, the more we open up.