Signs your spell is working/ guardians/ goddess present?

They say one of signs your spell is working, being heard, or you guardians, god/goddesses are present is to look for signs in nature. Today I performed a ritual. As soon as I opened my circle rain started… I LOVE the rain! I didn’t get wet candles around me didn’t go out either. Then later during the ritual a little baby fawn came out of nowhere, looked at me, then ran back away! After closing the circle and ending the ritual it then it began to torrentially downpour! Any insight on any of these signs?! I’m excited I hope I’m not jinxing anything! P inapso forgot to mention that when I was all done it started thunderstorming which iam reading that means the magic was super strong.


haha that’s actually a good sign! That feeling of not wanting to “jinx it” tends to occur when something good is happening!

And the deer! :deer:

"The abundance of legendary lore concerning deer where Celtic culture and languages survive confirms that the stag was regarded as a supernatural animal.

In the Scottish Highlands and islands the deer is associated with supernatural beings, always female, and there are many tales of deer-human transformations. (…) The ghosts of deer were thought to change into supernatural women.

In some areas the lore concerning deer suggests that they were connected with the underworld but there are also signs that they were solar animals."

– From the book Animals and Animal Symbols in World Culture

It’s amazing that a baby deer came to you right after the spell! And I see the candle burning in the rain as a symbol of an eternal flame :fire:

Many cultures have the concept, for example in ancient Iran the atar was tended by a dedicated priest and represented the concept of “divine sparks”. It was an agent of ritual purity that represented both water and fire.

BTW, Welcome to the Forum, Melanie! :sparkles: Thanks for a lovely introduction!


What awesome signs!!! You are blessed!


I too experienced the same thing with the rain and immediate downpour! :heart: The animals I get typically are birds after. Nice to know I’m not the only one experiencing rain!:palms_up_together:t4::purple_heart:


Fabulous! All great signs if you ask me :blush: