Silly/Brilliant Witch Purchase

There is a strong magnet in the “moon” itself. When you plug in the base it activates an electromagnet in the base with the same pole oriented toward the magnet in the moon, creating a repulsion effect which balances out gravity so the moon “floats.” Basically the same thing as those maglev trains. It can be tricky to get the balance right when setting it up, but it works.


How cute! And so very creative!


Bad jokes? More like excellent puns! :joy::+1: You’ll always get extra points in my book for being punny, Ron! :grin:

And you actually changed the title too! Hahaha brilliant indeed! :clap::laughing:

I hope you are enjoying your lovely treasure, it brought not just you but all of us quite a bit of happiness it seems! :two_hearts: :full_moon_with_face:

That is so beautiful!!! What a great place to put it- now you have a full moon overhead every night :star_struck: :full_moon: :purple_heart: