So excited for my delivery

A couple of weeks ago I ordered my very first crystal sphere from The crystal council It’s a small one but I got the notification that my selenite sphere will be delivered today! I’m over here watching for the mail lady like a kid watching for Santa’s sleigh :rofl:
I can’t wait to share my tiny new addition with you all.
Do you all have a favorite place that you get your crystals from?
I’m also interested to hear any tips you guys may have for working with my sphere.

ITS HERE ITS HERE ITS HERE!!! Like I said she’s tiny but she’ll fit well into my travel altar box which is perfect and I feel like this was a good starter sphere. As @christina4 instructed I have cleansed it with smoke from my white sage smudge stick and my Palo Santo. It’s kinda cloudy as I’m being teased with yet another fabulous thunderstorm or I’d already have her charging in the sunlight. Any suggestions for charging? I’m so excited to add this to my collection (please excuse the makeshift sphere stand, it’s next on my list of tools but this bottle does the trick for now :woman_shrugging:t3::rofl:) :crystal_ball:


Cleanse it as soon as possible! It collects many different energies along it’s way to you. Set your intentions for it, like what it’ll be used for. Obviously, cleansing the area and other crystals. It can cleanse your aura. :wink:


@christina4 cleanse my Aura you say? I wonder if this would count towards my weekly witch challenge? Lol jk I think but how ironic that I’d order a sphere that would cleanse auras right before aura reading would be the challenge for the week :woman_shrugging:t3:


Very cute little sphere! Nice!


@Amethyst thank you. It’s tiny but I’d been wanting one ever since I started practicing divination but couldn’t really afford one and I found this one for $8 The crystal council And luckily had just enough in my budget to get it. I love that site because shipping is free no matter what you get and they have monthly subscription boxes that start at like $11. I got my cherry tanzurine from there as well as my Botswana agate palm stone and septarian palm stone and they send a card telling you what kind of stone you got and the uses for it. And the owners handle all customer service correspondence themselves. It’s my usual go to for crystals and gems. I also got a little plaster Buddha incense holder from them and a cement cancer zodiac talisman that I enchanted to help me balance my busy schedules (I can’t find the link to where I found that spell to reference now. I’ve searched all my pins and it’s just vanished :woman_facepalming:t3: good thing I wrote it down) from them too. I have no experience at all with using spheres for divination so I figured something small would be a good starter and the fact that I can put it safely in the travel altar box is totally worth it. I’m trying to read up on how to start working with it as we speak but I’m not finding any information that I fully understand the process they are describing. Guess it’s a good thing that I still want to bathe her in the little bit of moonlight we have tonight before getting started. I’d prefer the full moon energy BUT… I don’t really want to wait any longer to get started with her. I’ve gotten pretty good with my cards and pendulum. I feel the need to learn a new skill. I did give pyromancy a go though. It scared me a little bit so I’m hoping this is a little less frightening with what I see. I feel like I should be wearing a veil like @jessica55 was rocking the other day. That’s just how I see myself when I visualize gazing into my tiny treasure.
(Sorry for the rambling but this little sphere is like the shiny new bike under the Christmas tree :grin::heart: it’s the one tool that I always pictured having on my altar since day 1 and I was always admiring the ones other people had and now I finally have one too. I feel like it’s my certificate to another level of witch training I suppose lol it’s an indescribable feeling or excitement pride and pure happiness that was desperately needed right now)


Sounds like we are on the same wavelength Phoenix! :blush: Your selenite sphere is gorgeous, and I’d using it to cleanse your own aura and the energy around you could definitely count towards this week’s challenge if you’d like it to! :sparkles:


It counts as an entry for the challenge. You might have to tell how you did it I guess.


You don’t need to charge selenite! But only if you do intense energy work, then I’d say maybe once or twice a month. Crystals in general, (not doing any energy work) only need to be charged once a month honestly! But, congratulations on your selenite sphere!!! It’s beautiful!


@christina4 thank you! I didn’t know that about selenite. That’s actually pretty cool. Of course now I’m even more excited to try working with it


It charges anything, literally. Crystals, pendulums, any tools, your energy (like I said…your aura), the space around you. It’s a great stone to have!!!


Lovely sphere! And great choice on the selenite. As @Christina4 said, you don’t really need to charge it but it can charge anything around it. And I can totally see you rocking a veil!

This is my process: I cleanse the item I plan to use (scarves or bandanas mostly but some use enchanted hats as well). I use any of the cleansing incense that I have on hand for this. I then have a protection spray that I made that I spray onto the item (moonwater, lavender, eucalyptus, salt, and amethyst) while stating my intention (generally something along the lines of protecting me from negative or unwanted energies and protecting me from energy vampires). As I am placing the veil on my head, I ask that it protect my energy from being manipulated by anyone or anything that may wish me harm and protect me from absorbing any negative or unwanted energy. At the end of the day, I take the veil off and thank it for its service. I then shake it out three times and cleanse it again before placing it back in my basket of veils.

Again, this is my process that I have adapted after research. There is great information out there about veiling in the pagan community.


@jessica55 I most definitely am going to be looking into the veils. Especially as I start pushing myself out of my comfort zone again and start actually interacting with the outside world again. Evidently I finally released whatever the cards were insisting I leave in the past because their new favorite topic is to get out and enjoy the life happening around me so I assume that means to say goodbye to my recluse nest and rejoin the world. I think I’ll start small though join one of the weekly zoom chats here before going all out. So thank you for sharing your experiences with veiling with me because it sounds like a good plan for when I ask the wizard for courage :rofl::crystal_ball::mage::lion:


She is beautiful. To me, she looks like the moon :slight_smile:


@mary25 yeah she does doesn’t she?. She’s gorgeous though


Wow :star_struck: Reminiscent of a full moon, very nice. Love it! Congratulations!!


Oh she’s stunning :heart_eyes: Like a beautiful full moon :full_moon_with_face:

My absolute fave online shop is The Psychic Tree

Enjoy your beautiful treasure :heart:


The idea of using a small bottle as a stand is brilliant. Love crystal, may it serve you well.