So excited!

So new people moved in next-door to us just last week and today I got to meet the woman and it turns out that she is also a witch!!! And she had been telling her husband that she thought that I was a witch!!! I’ve never had a witch friend here in Albuquerque and I am so excited that there is one right next-door and we are going to do great things together!!!
Just had to share my excitement with you all!


How freakin’ exciting! :tada:

I’m so happy for you that you’ve found someone in person that shares in your path. I’m excited for you!


How neat! That’s so lovely!


Sometimes I think we are like magnets- witches are drawn to one another! :mage: :heart: :blush:

I am so excited for you, August- I hope the two of you get along wonderfully and that you can have some fun witchy get-togethers! :raised_hands:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thats awesome @August_Wandering! I just found a couplen of weeks ago that theres a witch in my neighborhood too!

Tis’ the season! :smiling_face:

I hope you both get to spend a lot of time together & learn tons from each other.


Right? It’s like the universe finally got tired of my hermit ways and sent me a friend to play with. :grinning:

Now if I can get my granddaughter over here, we’ll have a Maiden (her), a Mother (the new neighbor) and a Crone (me) to work up some fierce spellage!


That’s so cool! Maybe we’re all just finally tired of hiding and so we’re all coming out of the woodwork and speaking our truth! :+1:t4: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have noticed that a lot more people are saying out loud that they are witches or pagans in my state. I can’t really say about where I am specifically because in all honesty some of the people here are, well, snooty… I don’t know if that’s the right word because it’s not like snobby but they have their nose in the air kind of thing. So finding one so close to me is like a blessing in disguise almost! My neighborhood has a lot of… summer houses & new houses being built… they buy the house then tear it down & start from the foundation & build a whole new house! It’s like… then why did you buy that house if you were going to change the entire thing? Lol


Miss August, so pleased to hear you found someone to commune :woman_mage: with.
I am also delighted with your enthusiasm, Now comes the inevitable but
It’s good for the soul to find something to believe in but always stay safe while you do it.

Witch hunts are far from being a thing of the past — even in the 21st century.

I’m aware that this is Africa, but many 3rd world countries remain steeped in superstition and fear. Also, I don’t encourage the 'chicken little syndrome" ("The sky is falling - hide, hide!) Here you are safe, if you find a legitimate Coven, you should be safe.
I believe that Albuquerque has some great New Age, and Magick stores and the City is pretty tolerant.
So, my girl “Live long and prosper!” :sparkling_heart: Make it so :+1:
Be blessed, be safe, and know you be loved.