So it's been a strange couple of days

You guys I have been really feeling this new moons energy something fierce this last few days. I’m talking about my last few workings showing lots of good signs, yesterday while getting ready for work I had a random flash of the auditor coming at work as I was getting ready for work around lunch time (the auditor comes in and spends a couple of hours observing and inspecting to grade our store) and as I was walking in the door the first face I see is another manager and the first thing she says is “the auditor just left, he got here at the start of lunch” :scream:, I’ve had a strong wave of confidence, willpower and determination hot me and tonight at work as I was reaching the last hour of my shift and was getting overwhelmed to the point I almost quit (for the second time this week-due to poor team work skills from other managers and being way overdue for a day off) I started to lose my cool and had my earbud in playing a random playlist of recently listened to songs and it seemed that every time I was about to lose my cool spirit would step in and throw in one of my meditation tracks at the exact moment I felt the surge in frustration. I just smiled and nodded each time and said expressed gratitude to the Divine for reminding me to breathe and recenter my energy and not feed the tension because when I clocked out tonight I don’t go back for 4 days. 4 days of resting and enjoying the beautiful weather with my girls. Raye and I will be grounding ourselves the next few days because momma has herbs and :hibiscus::tulip: to get planted. Just wanted to share the interesting things this new in moon has been bringing me.
Anyone else really feeling the energy of this moon?


Hey Honey
:rabbit2::Good things come to those who wait, or the nick of time. :rabbit:
Sending strength and patience.


I have had a sense of anticipation, that Something is coming, for about month or so now (and some associated weirdness), but nothing directly related to the moon that I’m aware of.


The last 2 dreams I had I don’t remember, but I get that feeling too sometimes like something is going to happen that we should be prepared for… Weather changes or anything like that can do it to me too.


This is amazing- there’s great power in music, and it sounds like you were getting exactly the songs you needed right when you needed them the most :notes::sparkles:

Enjoy your 4 days off, @phoenix_dawn- you’ve been working hard and certainly deserve a nice break! I hope you have lots of fun planting and enjoying the spring weather with your girls :tulip::sun_with_face:


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