So just curious how many people learned from non human things

Since i was a kid I didn’t actually have a real role model for how to be. My mom being extremely mentally ill and an non existent father, i looked to other things for life lessons. A few of witch go completely un noticed by most people these days are the disney movies. Each movie has great life lessons for children in them. From there as i got older i started to learn things about life from the singers or bands i listened too. Moving on to seeing how the older women in my life carey themselves. So to sum up not every child has the best home life or role models but if you look you can find what every child needs to learn from other things.


You’ve done well for yourself, basically bringing yourself up! Stand proud!


I loved Disney movies, I remember when every Sunday night they played a different Disney Classic movie (or they are definitely classics now) I believe on ABC & my brother & I would watch them before bed. I also read a lot of books, had music, & watched TV. :two_hearts:


I agree, Nikita- there is so much we can learn from movies, songs, and books that have valuable life lessons in them! :books::blush:

There is a lot of meaningful content out there, it’s just that sometimes the good stuff can be hard to tell at first glance from the stuff with… well, not so positive meanings or good values :sweat_smile:

It makes me really appreciate when I come across something that helps me to improve or grow in some way. The good things can be hard to find, but are really invaluable when we do find them! :heart:



Sorry to talk your ear off today.
I’ve met some impressive men and women in my life. My mom and dad fortunately were great, although I didn’t realize it at the time.
I loved meeting old people, they lived through so much we take for granted.