Some Research on Spiritual Healing

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The ancient Taoists theorized that good and bad, right and wrong, yin and yang, were just different points of view that we all adopt at one time or another. Because the earth plane is dualistic in nature we all view, at one time or another from both the Yin and the Yang ends of the telescope. There does not seem to be a point in judging one good and one bad or judging one good and one evil. These just are the symptoms of being human. Still, there is such a thing as being well, and there is such a thing as being sick. When we get sick we tend to want to do something about it.

This is where the healer comes in, he /she is trained in the observation and interpretation of signs and symptoms, and in methods for dealing with them.

Wholistic Healing of the individual occurs at different energetic levels. These are the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Healing doesn’t only occur in an an individual level, but also at the family, community and global level

3 Causes of Spiritual Illness:

  1. Disharmony - what we experience when life suddenly loses its meaning or when we have lost an important connection to life.

The state of disharmony that we experience in response to such life situations causes a diminish of our personal power. This can happen in a subtle manner on the one hand, or in a catastrophic, life-shaking way

  1. Fear - A person who is walking around with a chronic sense of fear gnawing away at them is doubly vulnerable to illness because their anxiety aggressively and progressively diminishes their sense of well-being, and this, in turn, affects their feeling of being safe in the world.

This sense of well-being is the base upon which our personal health system stands. When this foundation is affected negatively, it diminishes the ability of our immune system to function. And when our immune system goes down, we’re in trouble.

  1. Soul Loss (some phenomenon named as that by indigenous healers)
  • Among the traditional, soul loss is regarded as the most serious diagnosis and the major cause of premature death and serious illness, yet curiously, it’s not even mentioned in our Western medical textbooks. The closest acknowledged context is “He/she has lost the will to live”

When the trauma is severe, this may result in a fragmentation of that person’s soul cluster, with the shattered soul parts dissociating, fleeing an intolerable situation. In overwhelming circumstances, these soul parts may not return.

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This is very interesting, thank you for sharing! I do tend to err on the side of caution and go with a wholistic approach to healing as well, especially as someone who has suffered severe trauma and has a couple mental health issues. It’s interesting, for sure, how our minds, bodies, and spirits are all connected :revolving_hearts:


This is informative on spiritual apathy and a great article, someone who has had more traumatic experiences in life can lead to anxiety and psychic attacks. Letting go of fear is important because it can lead someone to get sick :face_with_thermometer:
I want to enjoy my life worry-free!
I really enjoy reading on a couple things that you have posted and I just want to thank you so much.


Jeannie, too bad we can’t give gold stars, you deserve one for you answer to anne


Thanks for the article. As some that overcame depression, it is important to heal the deepest wounds of the heart. Thank you again.


This is beautiful, @Anne2. As someone with an interest in alternative medicine (TCM specifically), I really enjoyed reading this! I’ve always resonated with the idea that healing should happen on multiple levels and address more than simply the symptoms. Holistic healing is a very powerful thing :blush:

It also ties in well with a video I watched yesterday that explains the duality and interlocked nature of ying and yang- a good coincidence! :laughing: Understanding these forces opens the door to TCM and a branch of holistic healing, so I’ll leave it here for anyone interested:


Same @MeganB , I’d do this over conventional medicine if only to avoid dependency on prescribed medications by Western field doctors (not that I’m saying their wrong, it’s more like the patient ends up depending on the prescribed medications which then lead to another set of potential illnesses in the internal organs long term)

I do too @Jeannie1 , I don’t want to worry too much, and even if something horrible occurs to me, I already made a bunch of plan/s or tactics that will tip the odds in my favor

That she does, @Garnet , Thank you for telling her that

I’m glad it help you out @fabian, You’re welcome

It certainly is when done wholeheartedly @TheTravelWitch , it’s a beautiful side of magick, I have the fortune of learning of in the path of the Babaylans


Thank you so much Garnet, I had this realization this week after I did the root chakra I think Meditation with the root chakra is helping. And to top it off, Anne gave us a great article and it was very helpful.