Something new I found out!

Merry meet everyone Pink Sunflower here :sunflower:

So today was my grandmother’s birthday and this morning she didn’t know about the suprise we all planned for her at the park today. As I went to her house with my dad and uncle, we are secretly packing the uhaul van with stuff but very quiet she won’t here us(she’s also in bed still sleep).

And right as we were done putting the stuff in the van I spotted this huge and I mean HU cast iron cauldron. I was like OMG!!! my uncle told me that her friend had it since the 1920’s and gave it to her. I was having a witchy panic full of excitement. I hope to come back and see it again and see what other secrets it holds.

The cool part is that it still looks new like either it was cleaned before giving or someone didn’t use it. I was very intrigued :blush::blush::blush:


Whoot! Looks like someone’s getting a cauldron! What an amazing find!


Ikr I’m to excited but i will wait when that time comes and when that day comes I’ll be super super happy :heart:


Very cool!


What a find, @Pink_Sunflower- it sounds like a really gorgeous cauldron! :heart_eyes: