Songs & Music from the past

Can I recommend an old Spanish song that talks about a witch that lost her way?
Lyrics can go both ways( a youn woman lost and the use the power of the night to lftee from heavy chains: devil card of 2 swords😃
It’s very catchy and repetitive, as most Spanish songs from the 80’s.
Just made lavander and satsuma peel infusion.
I need the cheering colours and calming properties.
Catchy music encourages me to quit procrastination.
I had lumbago for a few days, but getting better.
Only wish him would get out leaving alone dancing and singing to silly songs without a care in the world​:thinking::rofl::joy:


Absolutely, @Basil! :+1: Lots of folks here love witchy music- and I for one am always happy to hear some new magickal tunes! I may not be able to understand Spanish, but if the music is catchy I’d love to hear it! :blush:

What is the song? Feel free to share a link to the YouTube video if there is one!


I’m still singing Brujería!! :musical_note: :dancer: That was a good one, even though it reminded me too much of Aserejé :laughing:

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