Spell Discreetness

I haven’t cast my first spell yet and I was wondering, if you can’t speak of a spell that you’re working on so it would work, what if you’re casting it for someone else? (with their consent) So is it gonna just be between you and that person? Then should the spell work?


I don’t see why not. As long as you definitely have their consent.



Welcome to the forum :smiley: So, from my understanding, the idea of not speaking a spell to increase its power, or having the magick ‘seep out’ of the spell from speaking about it, is an ancient belief and superstition that not all witches follow (but some do). Much like beliefs about karma and ethics, this is largely up to you to decide. Beliefs have power, so if you believe the spell will weaken if you speak about it, that will be so. If you do not hold this belief however, it likely will not have any affect on your magick.

With that said, I personally don’t like talking about my magick until it is complete or before I begin. I also like to keep discussion vague about what I’m doing. For example, if I am planning a major money working for the waxing moon, I might tell my friend I am planning to use this upcoming moon phase for some abundance. I avoid using words that are specific to the spell, such as ‘money’, because I feel like that is a bit too detailed and it makes the casting feel less sacred and personal to me.

There are many witches who actually cast spells in a group setting, and they feel that doing magick this way increases its power. The idea is that the more energy is put into the working, the more powerful and effective it will be. This is why some witches work in covens and work magick in groups. More people = more energy potential, and therefore a more powerful effect. If you agree with this viewpoint, it might be advantageous to cast the spell with your friend present, whether or not they actively participate. Doing this will also make it easier to connect the magick to them directly, because you won’t need a symbolic proxy if they are there.

Doing the spell with your friend present also sort of avoids the need to speak about it. Since the friend experienced the spell directly, there isn’t really anything to explain or discuss afterwards. You could talk about the ingredients beforehand and what they mean, as well as the general goal of the spell. This way an exact formula is never spoken, since the same basic spell can be cast in many ways. Plus, it isn’t set into motion until it is cast, so planning a working together in general terms shouldn’t constitute as ‘speaking of a spell’ (which wasn’t cast yet). This is how I would personally approach the situation.

My two cents.


Personally I think that the keeping silent part is there so you don’t go bragging about what spells you’re doing. It looses part of it’s specialness if everyone and their brother knows you’re doings spells for someone. It also makes you an easy target if something goes wrong.


I’ve never been approached to cast for another, but I agree with Christina4


I agree with @christina4. As long as you’re casting a spell for someone with their consent, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.


Welcome @KylieEy!

Others have shared some great advice here, and I love how @Katy_Mysticsens explored different scenarios where speaking about a spell may decrease or actually increase spell power.

While I wouldn’t make my upcoming spellwork the conversation topic of the day so-to-say in my close circles and I wouldn’t bring it up to any non-witches, I don’t have a problem sharing pre-ritual details with other spell casters :blush:

After all, if you swap details with fellow witches, there’s a good chance that someone could give you pointers, advice, or things to be aware of when casting. Sharing spellwork seems to me to be a good opportunity for learning and improvement :sparkles:

No matter whether you choose to keep your pre-casting spellwork close or share with others, wishing you all the best!

Blessed casting :sparkling_heart:


I agree, well said and thank you for the complement!


When it comes to spell discreetness, I only share what spells I plan to cast on this forum, but I don’t say what time and don’t give out details until I’m done.
It’s not that I think anyone on here will try to sabotage my spells. It’s just hard for me to work when I think someone’s…watching me in spirit, if that makes sense.


Good point! Thank you so much! I will keep that in mind! :heart: :smiley: :hugs:


You’re very welcome, @KylieEy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Blessed be! :sparkles: