Spell for a new house that meets my standards?

Do you guys know any spells for a new house?
my mom tried to manifest one…but her doubt is kinda messing it up… it’s all she can think about too.
Where we live is NOT the best as a summary of why we need to move ASAP.

All help is appreciated. Just a simple moving spell.
Thank you in advance :heart:


Hi Jada,

I recently shared a spell for finding a house and some tips that I think will be helpful. I wish you lots of luck in your search :infinite_roots: :four_leaf_clover:


Greetings @jada1! :heart:

Francisco shared some wonderful spellwork in his post! Adding to the wisdom offered, if it seems like moving spells aren’t working for some reason, you consider taking a slightly different approach and do a Road Opener Spell.


Road Opener Spells are great for removing obstacles in your path (even those that you may not be aware of yet) to clear the road towards your goal- in this case, getting a new home :house_with_garden:

Wishing you all the best of luck with your spellwork and search for a new house!

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Listen to those two :point_up: they always have the right answers!!! Good luck with it all!


Thank you :heart:


Thanks. I agree :hugs:


You are very welcome, @jada1! Wishing you much luck and great success! :raised_hands: :heart:


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I am doing the same thing! @Francisco helped me alot. Ive done the sugar jar spell and written down everything I want in the house. I am a manifesting generator but certain things need to be clear to me before i can manifest. I am also a specific manifestor. So I have to be very specific when looking for what I want tht way the universe knows exactly what I want. I think this is because Im very wishy washy in life anyways and I dont normally know what I want. So once I get specific and actually decide, then everything comes easily.

Try making a list of EVERYTHING that you want and meditate on it. Ive done quantum jumping (thats how i manifested my raise and my car immediately) and describe everything I want while im showering. Watching this reality flow down the drain. Make sure that shower curtain is tight. Use sexual energy and list off all the things Im looking for in this house during orgasm visualize walking through the house and seeing each room, touching the walls, the smell, flipping the light switches on, opening cabinets, etc. pay attention to your feelings, and just feel grateful and then say Im so grateful that when I open this shower curtain I will be stepping into my new reality with all the things Ive stated (say that when youre listing everything off again). Step out and feel grateful all day long that you HAVE that house.

Good luck!