Spell to keep the peace?

Hi everyone, so lately thing at home have been great and I am wondering does anyone know a spell that will keep the peace or keep things as they are? I mean there is the occasional argument but we have been very mature and able to sort them fe out quickly without things escalating…
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Maybe do a gratitude spell, to give thanks for the good times? That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.


That is wonderful to hear :slight_smile:

The Sun is in the sign of Cancer and Tuesday’s New Moon tomorrow is in Cancer, which is the sign of home harmony. Maybe set intentions for peaceful interactions under the influence of this new moon?

Or cook/prepare dishes with oranges, cinnamon and/or honey…

Honeysuckle grow wild here and smells sweet and that is good for home harmony. Venus is sextiling Jupiter which bodes well for harmony and sweetness (honeysuckle corresponds with both Venus and Jupiter).

I will be doing a crystal grid – rose quartz (love and compassion) would be good for this intention, as well as red jasper (fostering peace), moonstone (emotional support, lunar energy), green quartz (positive interactions) and amazonite (calming, gentle healing).

I have been playing around with the idea of woven objects with or without beads in them and using them in magick. I am fascinated by the mystical similarities between magickal, symbolic or sacred objects such as witch ladders, Catholic rosary beads, Buddhist mala beads, Native American dream catchers, perhaps Celtic knots and other like items. I believe there may be also knots as a symbol in Islam but I am not certain. I just wonder if there is a common thread – pardon the pun – of symbolically capturing the energy in a symbolic knot or weaving.


Thank for replying Mary.

There must be but from memory i can’t think of any and would have to research into that some more.

I adore rose quartz so much i take a glass rose quartz bottle to the gym… This might be a good place to start.


That’s a good idea. My husband always says if i give thanks for what i have better things are sure to come…


I’m so glad to hear things are going well for you, @TheMuslimWitch!

When I think of peace, harmony, and stability, I have to admit that most of the spells that come to mind are spells on how to get there- off the top of my head, I can’t think of any spells for maintaining a situation that is already peaceful :thinking:

I think @Amethyst’s idea of gratitude is a great option- sometimes giving thanks and showing appreciation keeps the door open for more of the same :+1:

And @mary25’s suggestions all sound fantastic too- it looks like astrology is on your side with this, Khadija! :star2:

Sorry that I don’t have anything else to offer- I hope you can find something perfect to help keep the waters calm and maintain the peace :pray:

Blessed be!


I don’t have a specific spell to keep the peace but I’ll share some tips a friend of mine has given to a few people in a Discord server I’m in.

  1. Sugar shaker jar: place sugar, the names of the members of the household on a slip of paper, cloves (or bay leaves) the number of which represent all people in the home, flax seeds, and lavender in a jar and place in a location where you will remember to shake it regularly to activate it.
  2. Sunflower Floor Powder: crush up sunflower petals finely and spread throughout the home. Or you can have sunflowers on display.
  3. If it is safe to do so burn or diffuse citrus scents to uplift the mood of the home.

That’s good advice. Just like parents, the gods won’t give to people who aren’t appreciative.


Woohoo. Yessssssssss!!!


I haven’t performed a spell to keep or maintain a state with other people, but this is good question, how to keep things as they are for however long. I take it you’ve done a good amount of work to bring this state about, so the energy, the feel it is there, tangible, so looking for a spell to bring something about (love, happiness, etc), it’s in the air, hasn’t happened yet, may not be the way to go, but to maintain and keep what you have.

With that, what comes to mind is some sort of binding or freezing spell, going to have to tweak the words around, with binding or freezing this state or energy that you are experiencing, it’s tangible too (you feel it, see it, and experiencing it) have a easier time grabbing hold of it. I feel a biding will be better suited than a freezing, but again, I haven’t performed it, so what I’m proposing is in loose theory form. Haven’t found material or body of work doing such for such.

Of course, there are ethical issues surrounding controlling the behaviors of others, to keep the peace as you’re experiencing, sounds likes some control over the behavior of your husband and children is entailed.


To add, the direction between the two: freezing, in my experience, it’s more to keep out, to put a stop, to what one doesn’t want, so with a freezing spell, what comes to mind, when putting it into words, ultimately to freeze all other energies and states out that is not of what you have right now. With binding, what you have, this peaceful energy state, this is what you want to grab hold of, bind with/to.


:thinking: I’ve never thought of binding a situation to keep it from changing! That’s an interesting concept.


Oh, my darling Khadija, if we knew such a spell, we could rule the world.
““The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -” ― Heraclitus.”
I pray everyday for peace and everyday there is more and more violence in the world.
I came into this world to learn patience, tolerance and endurance. I sure have learned each and everyone of them many times over.
Let me send the same to you, love
patience, tolerance and endurance, from my heart to yours.

Garnet - Magical Extrordinaire


Love the ideas thanks. I will try the sugar jar one sounds perfect! :blush:


My kids are no problem at all its just the tension me and my husband face sometimes where it is actually the other way around and he controls where i go, who i speak to and how money is spent just to name a few, and lately he has been more easy going and both of us are way happier with less issues… So really it is not about controlling him but more about keeping what we have as he can be very sweet but also have extreme cohesive behaviours when he chooses to.


Always love hearing from you Garnet… I am sure i would be on cloud nine if there was such a quick fox spell, but like u said i think you have a point with the sending peace and love everyday. I think i need to try this instead of just going with the flow regardless how the day will play out…


I’m glad I could help :blush:


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