Spell to Relase Pain and Unexpressed Emotions

1 Rose Quartz Crystal
Pink Spell Candle
Lavender Essential Oil

Light the candle and quiet your mind
Hold the Rose Quartz in your dominate hand
For 3 min allow your thoughts to flow naturally, asking for anythign that needs to be released to come to your awareness
Feel it, accept it and let it flow through you
Give the crystal your permission to heal and soothe you by radiating love and understanding throughout your body
Breathe and inhale the calming essence of the rose quartz and on exhale allow any stuck energy from past pain and trauma to be released

Anoint the rose quartz with 2-3 drop of Lavender Essential oil
Bury it in the earth to cleanse it from energies of the old emotions
Leave it for one full night
Remove it after 24 hrs, wash and cleanse and can reuse as needed.


Lovely ritual! Thanks for sharing!! :+1: :sparkling_heart:

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