Spelling it out?

Hi Ladies and Gents,

I joined the Spells group because the website so enchanted me. I use various names for various reasons, my given name is Sara. I’ve got a crack crew of (rat) killer cats, one a lone black Siamese and 2 feral brothers-in-arms Tigger and Shadow. Any rat foolish enough to venture near is toast, so far as I know their record is 4 in a day.

Why do I need ratters? Cause I live in the oldest house in town on a half acre lot. There’s an attic that the rats seem to (or USED TO) especially like.

I’ve got lots of stuff growing: I planted trees and herbs and flowers and have a raised veggie garden. Mostly I’m busy working on restoring or fixing my broke down palace of a house. When I’m not I enjoy tarot and an occasional spell. Also

standard leisure pursuits: making Covid-19 masks, making stern faces at people who DONT OBEY RULES, and hoping that somehow a check of some sort will find its way into my mailbox or bank account.


Hi Sara!! :raised_hands: Welcome to the Forum!!

That was a great introduction! Although that face is a bit scary I must admit… We will obey the rules! :laughing:

It’s great that the cats and rats are still employed during the pandemic! I used to have a siamese cat, she passed away a few years back but she was like my right hand :cat2: :innocent:

I’m sure there’s a check out there coming your way! If it’s taking a long time, you can always do what Jim Carrey did and write yourself a check!:

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Merry Meet! Welcome to our little corner of the world! You will have fun here…and meet some awesome peeps!! Blessed Be

A very warm welcome to you, @sara5! :two_hearts:

It sounds like your crew is kept busy keeping you and your abode safe from furry invaders :rat: :smile:! That’s amazing that you live in such an old house, it must have so much powerful energy accumulated from all the years it’s been around :house_with_garden:. I am sure the house (and your brave crew!) appreciate the new life and growth of your gardens :herb:. The summer is just beginning- I wish you a healthy and successful season of garden growth! :blush: :sunflower:

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