Spells and gem stones

I made a anxiety be gone spell jar and left it on my cabinet over night , when I put the stones gems in they were at the bottom of the spell jar jar is about 3 inches tall , next morning all stones at the top ? No one touched it / any ideas I was very happy could that be an affirmation ? Mandy xxxxx


Well, Miss Amanda, if thing happen or move unexpectedly, perhaps some entity is trying to communicate with you. Sound silly, but try meditating on the issue.
How exciting!


Interesting! Are you sure no one messed with it or accidentally dropped it?

If no one did, I’d definitely do some divination and see what’s going on. If you don’t feel anything malicious, I’d say it could be the energy at work as the jar traps the anxious energy you feel.


I don’t feel anything malicious no , absolutely no one touched it , thank you xx


It’s very exciting ! Been having a few things happen this week ! Xxx


I’ve had that happen before. Actually recently with a serpentine crystal. A lot of people say that it’s the crystals vibration. I’m not sure how I feel about that answer. But I’ve had it happen a few times. My answer was that I needed to work with that particular stone. Yours may be different. I don’t think there’s a perfect answer.



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Hey I have Herkimer diamond and Moldavite :grin: I’m thinking about giving one away but I’m not sure yet lol I did a giveaway last year for the Yule season. I might do another one but a smaller prize.