Spells for a new home

hi, recently me and my two boys have to start over i was needing help in finding us a new home, but i dont have access to anything atm due to us being in a shelter right now.


Hi there @charlene2. I’m so sorry you’re in this situation. I would start with a simple prayer to Hestia for a new home. But this one may help you more, it’s a prayer to Saint Michael for money. If anyone in the shelter hears you, they’ll just think you’re Catholic.

If you have the cash to get the amulet and hematite, great, but I think the prayer will work without it.

I hope this works for you. I can’t imagine the situation you’re in. Hopefully, some of the others will have ideas too. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


That is a tough spot, all right. Remember, this is temporary. It can be a very good thing because shelters are often connected to lots of nonprofit and government services. It’s mostly a waiting game but chances are good you will get housing soon, probably sooner than if you were trying to make it work on your own. You may get furniture, rental deposits, reduced rent, etc. A lot is possible. Just don’t lose hope.

I hope you have a good case manager and you were able to connect with the shelter’s housing coordinator, if there is one. Some ideas: keep a spiral notebook and write down every time you talk to your case manager and housing coordinator, what they said, and what you need to do. Write down the dates you made calls and if you left a message or talked to someone. Bringing your notes to meetings makes a big impression on shelter staff. They like to see that you are making an effort. Write down any contacts you make in the community (like for housing applications, day care or work) and the dates when you applied for aid.

In the shelter, be visible, do everything asked of you and be appreciative to the staff. IF they give you a job to do at the shelter, even if it’s a a little thing, like wiping tables or taking out the trash, it’s really important that you do it by the time it is supposed to be done. The staff usually keeps track of that – who does their jobs and who follows the rules (and there are a lot of rules, right?). That may seem like a small thing but it isn’t. Most shelter residents will not do what is asked of them. When you do what you are asked or told to do, without complaining, and you follow the rules, they will see you are responsible. That makes you stand out. That makes them want to work harder for you to get you out. Usually, they take special care of families and try to keep them separate from the other residents as much as possible.

Shelter staff like to see people who are positive, neat and clean, employed and trying their best. Keep your beds made and storage area tidy. If you look together, they will thing you are together enough to handle employment and housing. Fill out all the forms they give you completely, keep a copy, and follow up with anyone helping you to get housing at least once a week. Smile and say thank you a LOT.

If they offer you something, be it a toy, some shampoo, socks, or a place, they want you to take it, so try to do that, if you can. Just get used to saying “yes” and accepting help while you are there. shelters get lots of donations and have they to get rid of stuff. they consider that if you take a bottle of shampoo, that’s a dollar you don’t have to spend on shampoo. So, just take what they give you and say thank you. If they have an activity for families at the shelter, attend it; attend all the meals. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need; sometimes someone in the community will fulfill the need; for example, if any the kids or you need haircuts, dental work, counseling, new shoes, etc., talk to your case manager about it because often that can happen for you. You may also get a free gym membership if there is a YMCA. that’s good

Steer clear of anyone who complains a lot, uses drugs or alcohol, curses or makes trouble. If you have a car, make sure you never give anyone else from the shelter a ride in your vehicle; that’s off-limits.

You probably meet with someone at least once a week. Even if they seem jaded or negative, be positive. Just keep in mind that shelter staff have seen a lot of people who are hard cases. they do get a little jaded and burned out. they don’t have easy jobs. Make sure your case manager knows anything you are doing to get housing or work. If you see your case manager or the coordinator in the shelter in passing, smile and say hello and ask if there are any updates. It’s not easy to be homeless but there’s a lot you can do to improve your chances of getting housing. I believe in you!


Warm greetings @charlene2,

I’m sorry to hear about your tough situation and I hope you are able to get a new home soon! :pray:

Amethyst and Mary25 both shared some wonderful advice and guidance, so adding to their offerings, I’d like to share about the Inner Temple with you. It is a meditation practice that allows you to have everything you need within the sanctuary of your mind- even if you have nothing physically. It is one of my favorite meditation practices! Click here to learn about the Inner Temple and casting without physical tools or materials :hindu_temple:

Another spell you might consider is this spell Francisco shared for getting a new house.

Wishing you all the best- good luck and blessed be, Charlene! :heart:


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