Spells for anxiety, stress?

Hey everyone long time no see. I’ve been missing this wonderful community and I’ve been neglectful of my spellwork.

2023 has been hectic for me so far with a lot of moving pieces, travel planned etc. My fiance and I are shifting to less exhausting jobs this year, so that’s taken time and planning.

Currently though, I still work in an office, and February has been especially busy. I’m the only employee there and feeling overwhelmed; they refuse to get me help, new computers etc because the site is supposedly closing soon for construction. I asked for help anyway.

Lately I’ve been feeling quite anxious and irritable. Stressed. Are there any spells that you have found especially potent for stress or anxiety? Please share!

Love & light!


Hey there @chaitea43! :hugs: First of all, I am a fine friend of anxiety and stress, myself! So, I completely understand my friend. Just take a few deep breaths whenever you feel that those axious thoughts and nervousness is picking up! Relax. Then as you asked I had made myself an anti anxiety spell jar in the recent challenge of spell jars/witch bottles. Here, I am giving you a pdf of that spell jar recipe I got from Spells8 only! Trust me, it really works and it is super helpful to hold it in your palms gently, when you are anxious!

Anti-Anxiety Spell Jar

Also, there are a few GREAT anti anxiety spells in the Spells8 collection, love!

I hope this helps you a little my dearest friend! :people_hugging: :hearts: Blessed be with Peace and Love…
:sparkles: :sparkling_heart:


It’s nice to hear from you, but I’m sorry for the increased stress & anxiety. I know it’s not on Spells8, but the app Insight Timer has some wonderful Grounding Anxiety/Stress meditations.

Also, a lot of times, I will “go to the bathroom” & take some deep slow breaths for a few moments.

I have a Calming playlist that I will play while focusing on slow deep breaths too while laying down.

I will see what else I can find for you & be back… I’m currently getting my teenager ready for for school… she’s not a good morning person :laughing:

Oh! Lavender & Chamomile! That’s a nice blend for a diffuser or even a tea :tea: that helps! I put a dash of lemon :lemon: juice in it too!


I love a good shower spell! I wrote these awhile ago: one is for a morning shower and one for a night shower. I needed something quick that I could do when I didn’t have time or the energy for a full ritual bath. My mom also gave me shower fizzies for Christmas… they are like bath bombs, but they dissolve in the shower and smell so good!

Morning Shower Spell
Blessed water, falling down
On my toes, torso and crown,
Cleanse my body and my mind
let love and light be mine to find
I’ve many things to do and see
and if it harms none , so mote it be!

Evening Shower Spell
Blessed water, falling down
On my toes, torso and crown,
Wash away the trying day
Let peace and rest come forth to stay!
Let me relax and my mind be free,
and if it harms none, so mote it be!

I hope you can relax and that things ease up soon! Anxiety is the worst!


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